dreamlandThere are a few things that all men, rich or poor, black or white, aborigine or modern, have in common. They all have the mental capacity to dream . to imagine . to perceive . to project . and to promote all that dreaming as reality. That’s why we have problems with each other, we all think OUR version of reality is the one true reality. The others? . . . well they are dreamers.

Another thing we all have in common is the fact the we are locked into a universal system that demands movement. Nothing stands still, everything is either growing or decaying. Dreams without action will not work. We can imagine and hope and project and perceive all we want, but without action the fruits of idleness will only create decay and criminality.

We want something free? . . . nothing is free! Anything freely given without the need for hard work is probably going to either be a false religion or a diseased seed, if not immediately, then soon. High flying words are just that . . . in order to land they must be coaxed to the ground and watered and fed daily. That means in order to bear the fruit of your dreams YOU must work for your reality to become anything more than a shell of empty promises emanated from a Pied Piper leader looking to walk you over the cliff. (I could go on a huge rant here about American politics and religion but I will save you the agony)

What’s your dream? Everybody who has not been beaten down or brainwashed by the system he lives in has one. What do you need to do in order to fulfill it?

As a balance, in order to follow your dream you must be realistic in your goals. Otherwise you will spend your valuable youth chasing after someone else’s dream, be he/she a scholar, a movie star, a musician or a magician, it doesn’t matter. You will merely be living as a copycat who will never be as good as what you copied.

Why? It’s not yours. you are just fantasizing. Has anybody ever made Mozart’s music as good as Mozart himself? No, of course not. He may be good enough to copy and be almost equal to Mozart, but never will he surpass him. It’s impossible.

I fundamentally believe that each person born into this world has a gift of some sort programmed into his DNA and his goal, in order to be happy, is to find that gift and use it to the betterment of himself as well as his fellows.

The problem I see, at least in this country, is that in order to create anything of value you first must follow a learning curve of dedication, commitment, discipline and practice. (This applies to both inner as well as outer changes of all sorts.)  All that hard work seems to be out of vogue in this “hurry up I want it now!” society we live in.

As a practical matter we need to have a place of quiet solitude where we can meditate upon these questions and resolve them in our own minds before we even begin. Then we need to move forward and practice them. Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, is a great example of a man who practised his dream and became that which he practiced.

In the midst of the Vietnam War while the Americans were bombing the hell out of his country, he and his organization were busily rebuilding bombed villages, setting up schools and medical clinics, and helping through non violent means all he could to alleviate the plight of his fellow citizens.

For doing that he was ultimately forced out of his country and banned from ever returning. Nothing stopped him however and he remains practicing peace to this day in Plum Village somewhere in France.

We in America have been taught wrongly all along the way. I’m 73 years old and when I now look back on my well fed life all I see are walls and wars. . . and it saddens me with something similar to ‘Survivors Guilt’ that I have lived in such privileged comfort in a world filled with starving children. I have taken the time to study and research as to why that is and I am embarrassed by the results I have discovered.

I can already hear the “love it or leave it crowd” . . . and I’m not judging it, just seeing things differently these days and saying it.

It is impossible to practice war in hopes of obtaining peace . . . practice hoarding in hopes of obtaining security . . . practice hate in hopes of obtaining love . . . practice dark politics in hopes of becoming a beacon of light. We have been taught wrongly.

Our country is built upon sand and collapsing around us as we speak. Corporate Capitalism is a naturally progressing ponzi scheme that was doomed from its very inception. The pyramid has become top heavy and lost its balance because all the money has risen to the top.This is an easily obtained, undeniable fact. Research it from anywhere except the corporate owned media and you will get your own picture of the state of the union. Obama was lying through his teeth when he stood before the world claiming otherwise.

 I no longer have hope for the two party system because they have morphed years ago into one corporate entity. Washington has become, especially since the last trade agreement, merely an arm of the New World Order. We must break clear of the Matrix and begin anew and this time practice what we preach. There is no other way. And in order for it to work we must individually start from the inside out  . . . and not come out until we are ready. The universe will shut us down if we don’t.

As is we have ALL been blinded by greed and consumerism . . . the ones in the streets demonstrating as well as those sitting smugly at home rejoicing. These are hard times, harder than most can understand. We have already hit the spiritual wall . . . the physical wall is dead ahead and we are gaining speed.