HAPPINESS-IS-A-WARM-GUN225As men lost their ability and strength to fight with their fists they picked up a weapon to use as an equalizer . . . I noticed that in the projects growing up. We had a completely different pecking order based solely on hands, speed, balance or size. No guns/clubs etc.

Today? Them days are long gone and so should be the silly notion of getting rid of the guns.

It’s the catch 22 of Pandora’s box . . . the lid has been raised across the world as arms got bigger and badder and more effective and that lid ain’t about to close.

Laws won’t change anything but hurt us regular folks because the bad guys as well as the supposedly good guy arms dealers (of which the US rules and who’s economy is based upon) who run this world aren’t about to kill their cash cow.

We can postulate and choose sides in the endless argument if we want . . . but nothing will change for ‘we the people’ for the better. Actually our only viable defense these days IS a gun.

Love them or hate them guns and drugs are the sexual gratification of this new age of unenlightenment  that we are living in and though they are heatedly debated and laws are created and ultimately broken adinfanausium, as long as fear rules the hearts of men . . . we are just pissing in the wind.  . . . .

HA! I can here the gods laughing at us all the way from Olympus.

How in the hell can we live under a govt. that has no problem with carpet bombing or drone ing the shit out of stuff on one hand while pissing and moaning about long guns and hand guns on the other? I can’t really buy any of it. I long for the old days in the project when we were dumb enough to get off by just busting someone’s nose.