Be Prepared

angry-wet-cat-6no. 1 . . . don’t attempt to create me into an insensitive gun nut type. I don’t even own a gun and am nothing of the sort. . . . as far as manning up to the situation? It’s all about training against the herding instinct . . . fight or flight. This last shooting happened to be a gay bar, could have been any bar anywhere in this country . . . or a restaurant . . . or a sporting gathering, wedding party, etc.

Fact: nothing is as it seems in this country, we have been lulled to sleep by the bullshit coming out of academia, washington and the TV. We have been trained to follow commands and do what we are told. We have been trained NOT to fight back and if we do we are trained to expect to suffer the consequences.. .  Individualism is taking a hit now like no other time in our history.

What I am saying has nothing to do with gay, straight, Islamic or Christian or even the people who just suffered the experience . . . it has everything to do with the future survival of others who might just find themselves in this same position. If one man gets away with what just happened in Orlando it gives great incentive to all the others who follow him that THIS is the way to get to the American . . . one man just shot or killed over 100 people . . . these are great odds for ANY holy warrior.

Peace and love are wonderful ideas, but when you live in a jungle it behooves a person to also be trained how to defy and defend. I believe Israel does just that ( at least I think they do)

What do we do? First we try to figure out the shooter and why he/she would do such a thing. Next comes the sad (media) times of hand wringing, talking heads and their politically correct moral/mental questionings.

Personally I don’t care if mommy treated shooter badly or if he’s mentally ill or if his girl friend or some guru got his head screwed. He is the shooter and he needs to go down and it is not going to happen unless I (preferably we) do it.

We need to be trained not to worry about ourselves getting hurt, there is no time for logic, there is only the moment . . . and I say, in personal as well as historic experience, to attack that shooter head on and tear his eyes or his guts out is the only option.

I am concerned for all of us when/if this thing they are now doing gains in popularity. Maybe we won’t have a gun, but there will be something, chairs, tables, eating utensils, or bare hands. . . we need to be trained how to do this stuff because what Dave said about you and me being the first responder is dead on.

If you’ve looked around lately this country is not in a time of peace and prosperity . . . this is a time of war and if I am correct in my assumption the gorilla aspect of this war is coming to us hard and fast whether deserved or not . . . and our illustrious president wants us to give up our guns . . . NOW? . . . not a good idea.

Fish in a barrel or a wolverine in a corner . . . our choice.