The Abomination Of Desolation

imagesIn the Christian bible there is reference in the book of Daniel to the – abomination of desolation –  I know the interpretation most biblical scholars have come up with, but in my opinion if one is to study the bible or the Tao Te Ching or any other spiritual text he must interpret what he is reading for himself. The holy books only work for people who have understanding and that means we must interpret it ourselves and apply what we’ve learned to ourselves. As we grow and mature our understanding grows also, and our interpretation changes. Only those who have locked themselves into religious dogma and church hierarchy remain, from cradle to grave, locked in obedience to a priestly order and their rule of law. 

This is fine of course, but if you are a seeker of truth and knowledge and wisdom, you must break free from the matrix of religion and head out on your own. The pathway is not marked and will only open before you as you approach the dead end.

My interpretation of -the abomination of desolation- goes something like this. . . . In the beginning of God’s creation He set man upon the earth to be steward over all His stuff . . . He did not GIVE us His stuff  any more than I would give the keys of my truck to a five year old. He made us steward over it in the hopes of our future maturation.

So when the man tells you that we humans own this planet and have the right to destroy whatever we want in order to find another whatever we want . . . that man is full of shit. We are too young and too immature to even think that we have the abilities that many science minded folk take for granted.

And this introduces us to the abomination of desolation. The way we treat animals is a perfect example to what I am saying.

The American Indian respected all things in the natural world and used them respectfully. They were subsistence hunters, something I have no problem at all with because we are, after all, carnivorous beings. . . . here’s the difference.

When I lived in Alaska there were two kinds of hunters . . . the locals who counted on hunting for subsistence and the overfed flat assed big game hunters from the lower 48. The one I understood, the other, seeking only to kill one of our wild treasures for bragging rights and a head on his wall made me physically sick. THAT is the -abomination of desolation.-

When I see a farm raising hogs for human consumption and the hogs have room to roam and are being properly treated, I am not offended at all. I understand that men are carnivorous and that the hog plays a part in the web of life.

When I see a factory farm with hogs living their entire life in a feeding lot just large enough to contain their bodies – a place so narrow that they can not even turn around? I get physically sick. THAT is the -abomination of desolation.-

When I see free roaming chickens I don’t mind. When I see caged, imprisoned, chickens? I get physically sick. THAT is -the abomination of desolation.-  

When I see men posturing themselves before the public telling lie after lie expecting us to believe them and vote for them, I get physically sick. These people we love to love and call ‘leader’ are, yet again, the -abomination of desolation.-

AND because of all these abominations I see the hand of God descending upon us soon in great wrath . . . because when we could have been steward we chose to be destroyer and have become an -abomination of desolation- to Him and He is sick of it.

So . . . when you see the freedom bird coming to rapture your precious god fearing soul to glory . . . he may just be coming to grab you up and fly you to his nest where he will feed you to his children!


Disclaimer: Now, though I make no claim to speak for the Creator, I AM willing to take bets that I am correct in my assumptions. . . . . JW