KIC 8462852

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 Is an F-tyscience-toruspe main-sequence star located in the constellation Cygnus approximately 454 parsecs (1,480 ly) from Earth. In September 2015, several astronomers published a paper, as part of the Planet Hunters project,[1] analyzing the unusual light fluctuations of the star as measured by the Kepler space telescope,[1][6] which observes changes in the brightness of distant orbiting stars in order to detect exoplanets.[7]

The star’s large irregular changes in brightness are consistent with a large mass (or many small masses together) orbiting the star in “tight formation”.[6] Some hypotheses have been proposed to explain the star’s unusual light profile.

The star received intense media attention in October 2015 over speculation that its unusual light curve could be signs of activity associated with intelligent extraterrestrial life.

This information is floating all over the web . . . I was particularly interested in the fact that this star is in the Cygnus constellation because I am currently reading a book called: The Cygnus Mystery by Andrew Collins. Subtitled Unlocking the Ancient Secret of Life’s Origins in the Cosmos. . . . from the distant past and a far off star comes a revelation to change all we know about who we are, where we come from, and where we go from from here.

Coincidence? . . . or double witness?