The Fine Art Of Bullshitting

imagesNow if you think bullshitting is not an art form just take a look at the present presidential race and you can see openly just how important this art form is to these politicians who must, through long hours of intense study, become masters of their trade. The canvas of dreams they paint before the admiring throng is truly amazing. Glib tongues lay stroke upon stroke to reveal the contrast of their opponents deep shadows juxtaposed their very own brightest of lights while true believers prostate themselves before their chosen idol and pay homage to their canvas of dreams.

It seems the only time you get the truth, or even an honest opinion from this breed is to listen to these people AFTER they leave office. Generals, Senators, all the way down to the local member of the school board are so steeped in spinning bullshit during their career you just can’t trust a word they say.

Hillary knew this art form and used it well. She is a Master at her trade. Obama’s emotionally charged campaign centered on hope. His first opponent, John McCain, a Master in his own right, chose a different emotional theme for his canvas. McCain centered on fear. More people responded to hope than fear so Obama won the bullshit (tell them what they want to hear) election in spite of the fact most people who voted for Obama probably instinctively knew he couldn’t keep most of the promises he had painted for them. His promises were, in the light of current events, wishful thinking at best.

I personally believe he was far to busy just keeping the ship of state afloat after the disastrous eight years of George Bush to do much else. Hell man, we were lucky to have a monetary system at all by the end of Bush, let alone enough cash to do anything much to help the poor and needy middle class in this country. So how does this all pertain to our personal survival?

Ask Romney about telling the truth . . . He tried . He died . . . on the field of public opinion while Obama kept his presidency alive even after he had proven himself without a doubt to be an insane bullshitter. America is just too gullible to glibness to make a difference in how they vote. . . . and now we have Hillary in the wings. YIKES!

Truth is that a man who understands the nuances of bullshitting can and will survive longest among his fellows. He knows it is far easier to convince an enemy than to kill him, especially if he is out gunned and outnumbered. He knows instinctively if he practices faithfully and becomes an adept, the sky is the limit. He knows a good line of bullshit and a glib tongue can get him shelter, water and food even when outnumbered and living amongst his enemies. Even when facing certain death the true and fearless artist can sway his captors into his camp by merely corralling them with his tongue.

A great bullshitter has to be in charge of his own mind. He must be intelligent and wise to the ways of man and of the world. He must not just control the room, he must own it. People must love him. They must look up to him. Want him to lead them. He must be a chameleon shape shifter able to capture the essence of a rainbow for them. He must be like the apostle Paul “all things to all men.”

The greatest, the most satisfying, the loveliest words that the truly masterful bullshitter can ever hear is for his following to say with heart felt conviction. “Our leader speaks the truth.”