Rethinking Cancer (part 1)

T_dealing_cancer1Being light complected, skin cancer is a concern for me, as it should be for any other guy who has been burned by the sun a zillion times in their past. I’ve already had a couple pre-melanomas taken off and I am due for another visit soon.

On the inside? At my age only God knows what’s eating away at my guts/bones/or brain.

So what do I do about it now? How do I defend myself from an environment that has gone toxic beyond that which my body can contend?

Does anybody else out there think about these things? . . . or prepare for the possibility of getting cancer in some form or other during their life time?

How do you feel about chemo and radiation?

Now’s the time to find out, not when your Dr. tells you you must have it or die. Then, even if you have reservations, it will be too late, fear will line you up to take your poison just like all the other patients who are walking the ‘super sick highway’.

Watch these videos, have a discussion with yourself and make some decisions as to what to do on the day you hope will never come . . . that day when Mr. C comes knocking at your door.

PS . . . I find it interesting that the last video on Gerson Therapy is “not available in the US” I wonder why? Anyway I found this one on youtube that will explain the process . . .

In part 2 I will speak about alternatives and our immune system . . .