What’s Your Sign?

The other day my daughter was telling me about a yoga friend of hers who is a professional astrologer, teacher and writer. I asked her to get me a reading while he was in town and (of course), she forgot and I didn’t get my reading.

Anyway, who among us that lived during the hippie days didn’t know their sign? . . . or that usually when meeting a chick the first question you asked was, “what’s your sign?”

I know I did . . . red or yellow, black or white, the sign was the most important factor. I never met a Scorpio or a Leo female I didn’t like. Cancer or Gemini? . . . maybe friends but never lovers.

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to ask Google what he had in his vast storehouse about astrology and . . . WOW! . . . there was quite a bit, even some sites that do a chart for you for free! I couldn’t pass THAT up. On the following page is my chart. It was created on the following site for free:


And if I remember correctly it is pretty much the same as the one I paid 25.00 for back in 69.

So, I got the chart made up and downloaded and then I went to this site:


and got a really good interpretation for my sun sign [Cancer] my moon sign [Aquarius] and my ascendant sign [Gemini] . . .and I was amazed at how right on this chart is.

Basically your chart just registers where the planets were aligned at your birth and how you will be influenced by that during your life. There will always be the ying-yang thing going also so I would never take all this to the bank, especially the day to day (like a weather report) stuff.

And the true love stuff? I married a Scorpio because I found her exciting and sexually attractive and . . . she stung me so many times I ran away contemplating suicide . . . so although it’s fun . . . intuitive . . . sometimes right on . . . you still have choice. And it’s choice that makes us dull and dumb or aware and smart human beings.

Link below is my chart. Check it out and get your own. The hour of the day you were born and where you were born is important so . . .



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