Tiny House

UPDATE: I have gotten so many hits on this tiny house that I have decided to draw up some computer plans along with a materials list for anybody that wants to download them (probably from my other site . . . http://crowswatch.com/ )

If anybody is interested in purchasing the download for about 5.00 bucks let me know and I will make a decision pro or con depending on the interest level. (Hard prints would be more of course, but I don’t see why anybody would need a set as this house is pretty simple to build.)

I built the structure for about 600.00 but I used left over materials from my main house to frame it and planned for an outhouse or a sawdust toilet as well as an outside cooking area similar to one I once had in Alaska. It will cost much more in real money depending on how fancy you need to have it as to electric/plumbing, etc. . . as well as being within code.

I am not personally big on all the amenities in a small dwelling as they take up way too much room and these places IMO are basically either for camping or a SHTF situation.

original article:

A lot is being said about tiny houses these days so I thought I would show everybody mine. It’s right around 200 sq’. Total cost to build for me was about 600.00. One or two could live in it, but one would be ideal. This will be our home when the SHTF . . .




  1. Jennie Saia

    This is so happy! I can’t believe you’ve had it up your sleeve all this time! I have a soft spot for minimalistic living, and I could be very content in that space. Loft beds make me feel like a tiny kid again, like I’m going to have exciting dreams.


  2. N℮üґ☼N☮☂℮ṧ

    Love it! I’m with Jennie, I’m into minimalistic living, myself. You’ve made a beautiful nest. If and or when the SHTF, you will probably need to invest, (before hand) in technology that will make you and your beautiful nest invisible. 😉


  3. jjwalters

    Right now it’s a guest house, but I used to have my studio in it . . . and where my wife and I would party . . . 🙂 basically made of left overs from when I built the cabin we live in. . .


  4. cooking with audrey

    i also live in a “tiny home” built out of leftover materials. i found your blog on tiny house blog. i wrote for them, also. great little space you have! love the log cabin feel inside a tiny home! 🙂


  5. Cathy

    Hi Jim, Thanks for sharing your tiny house photos. Brilliant design and repurposing of leftover materials. You said you also built a tree house? Could you post pictures as well. My teen daughter wants to build a tree house-studio as a place to work on her artwork and photography and hang out and we are looking for some design ideas. Thanks. Cathy


  6. jjwalters

    If you want to build an art studio in the trees (which would be a cool idea) I would advise a builder on site who can design the structure to fit the trees . . . you want it to blend in and look like it fits into the environment IMO. . . . plus there may be load bearing problems with weight, etc.

    Hope that helps . . .


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