Alan Watts: What’s Wrong With The World 1970

Years ago I sold my lake front property, payed off all bills/loans and bought this property I now live on. This small wooded valley contained only five houses along about 1 mile + of lane. I had fresh spring water, no noise, very little traffic, and a clear line of sight in case I had to defend myself. . . I’d done good . . . I WAS PREPARED to face the storm I knew was coming . . .

First thing to break my bubble was the fracking. They blew ‘exploratory something or others’ up the hill behind my property and f–ud up my spring . . . (now I must filter the water two times before drinking it.) I was pissed, but complaining to those people is useless. All they care about is profit, period.

Couple months ago I read somewhere about Geo-engineering … . . . and sure enough as I studied the small amount of visible sky above my head I noticed immediately that it was different. (why I didn’t know this fact already was beyond me) The usual lazy puff of white clouds and blue sky had been replaced by long lines of hazy silver fog. . . and at night I could no longer see the stars in all their past clarity . . .

WTF are they doing? I don’t have a clue, but my system is on ‘ready alert’ even though I know there is not a damn thing I can do about any of it. I am screwed! . . . (as are we all)

Anyway I found this presentation by Allen Watts (whom I love) to be of help in my dilemma. . . . now the job for me is to let go, melt into the woods and relax. The ego did all he could and look what happened.

I’m sure those dipshits messing with the atmosphere will come up with the same conclusions a little further on down the road . . .


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  1. Neil Samuels

    It is quite amazing that this was forty five years ago. Between the pattern of the “said and unsaid” in this video lies an Intelligence and Wisdom that has slipped through the cracks into a hermetically sealed vault of non consideration of non lila,or non joie d’vivre.. Humanity’s further proliferation (like too many weeds in a garden four and half decades later) of run amok ego’s have further calcified and disassociated themselves. One needs to pause and muse whether this “dis-association” is indeed an inevitable theme throughout the universe – where planets people (to use Watt’s term) or whether the ebb and the flow of a certain type of “dis-eased” self-image occasionally like in this peopling-planet, in this place we call here and there, you and me…become occasionally stuck, unable to shift gears and have to implode or mutate to an alien form of life that is no longer ecologically sound or even for that matter recognizable (as in Steven Spielberg’s AI) but rather becomes one with its disjointed and dis-associated machinery.

    Thank you for posting this!



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