Went into the woods last evening and picked me some ramps . . . There is no way to explain the beauty or the fine taste of these delectable lovelies . . . but I’ll tell you how to eat them if you are fortunate enough to have some around.

First: you get loose dirt off then clean them in cold water
Second: you peel off the membrane that covers the bulb
Third: cut up the plants as small as you want. (I like larger pieces)set them aside and pat them dry.
Fourth: Fry up about 8 or so pieces of bacon
Five: remove bacon from pan and add the ramps into the hot bacon grease. Stir them around until they wilt up, then remove them into a bowel and add the bacon in small chunks to the mix.
Six: put some on your plate, add vinegar to taste and eat em up! . . . nothing better than a mess of ramps, but they stink . . . and so will you . . . and so will your house . . . but who cares!
PS If you don’t like the bacon idea you can use olive oil . .

So . . . get up, get into the woods and find some today, you only have a short time till they are gone . . . you’ll be glad you did.






  1. Noony

    You are the second person on my reader who talks about cooking ramps. I absolutely love any type of greens, especially if you can forage for it, and ya’ll are making me really want some. Have not encountered anything that resembles it down here…wonder if we even have it?


  2. jjwalters

    where’s down here? . . . They are thick in west Virginia and SE ohio . . . They are of the leek family and smell stronger than garlic and are by far my favorite green . . . they grow in the deep woods in loamy, rocky soil . . .


  3. Noony

    Thanks for the link. I have discovered that we do have ramps here (Georgia). But only in the northern region, with higher elevation. Dang it! I am on the lower coast. Maybe a trip to the mountains is in order, but I will have to wait until next year, as I have also learned there is a short window for ramps.


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