Week 15 – Community

According to his wife, Dan was a quiet unassuming guy like many of us are . . . UNTIL he got the message! This is how the largest movement in the world is coming into being . . .

Sustainable Year 2014

A true sense of community is one of inclusion, common purpose, and safety. I had never truly experienced this sense of community until late last year when I joined a community group.

In our society we are schooled in fear from early childhood. The news paints a picture of a horrifying world at our doorstep. So we lock our doors and rarely even speak to our neighbours. We disconnect from the people around us. It’s not that we don’t care about them, we are just scared.

I think that this lack of community creates such isolation, a feeling of being so alone. Which when confronted with problems such as climate change makes it seem like such a hopeless task.

Here enters Community Groups!

The buzz of excitement, the enthusiasm, the motivation! When you get a group of like minded people together anything is achievable!!!

It terms of climate change the…

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