living environment (the country ) (part 7)

When it comes to fossil fuels the peoples of the earth are on a feeding frenzy. Their suppliers, Big Oil, Big Gas, Big Coal, lust only for profit and have secondary regard at best for the natural environment. This combination has created a perfect scenario for disaster . . . and it is coming.

There are those among the Earth First people who choose to fight a heads up battle with these guys. I would be one of them were I younger, but beings that I am now in my seventies, I no longer have the energy to fight. Instead of fighting I will remain living semi off grid and write what I believe to be true until either the big three dies of over consumption or I die of old age.

I feel the great change that is coming will mostly effect the young, twenty something crowd. These are the folks who will take the brunt of it and feel the most pain. What I write, I write to them.

If I were a young family man serious about changing my lifestyle, I would move to the country. Of the three main choices available to the average family this one seems to me to be the most doable as well as the move that will ultimately reap the greatest reward.

The city has much to offer those career oriented singles who are stuck there, but at it’s best the city is still in a precarious position. City life, when it comes to family, will always play second fiddle to the country life, IMO.

The suburbs, especially those allotments bound in rules, are just undoable. I have an ingrained revulsion to the whole idea of Ken and Barbies suburbia. From distance to services to poison saturated lawns, the lifestyle is such a waste of resources that in no way would I want to live in the burbs. . . .That leaves the country.

The country will give a guy the most options, but he must also be more careful in choosing them because there are many hidden dangers out here. There are frackers and coal companies . . . there are crackheads and low vibration people of all ilk and form. It can get dangerous out here, especially since the drug epidemic has every scumbag in these hills cooking crystal meth . . . and the police are basically non existent.

On the flip side there are also truly wonderful, laid back, industrious people out here. It will take some time to get to know them before they open up and accept you into their community, but once they do you will have made a true and lasting friend. I know it was that way with us. Today although we have few neighbors, they are all friendly towards us and the act of ‘stopping along the road to BS for a minute’ still exists.

Life in general is much slower down here in the foothills of Appalachia. I found this land. I bought this land. I cleared this land . . . and built everything on it to my liking.

I can’t begin to tell you folks how good it feels to do something like that, especially for a guy who has spent most of his adult life building stuff for other people.

disclaimer . . . Although I have over 40 years experience in the building trades the following is suggestion only:

The only way to buy land is to educate YOURSELF because . . . BE ADVISED . . . there ARE crooks out there . . . not all, not even many . . . but the few that are can cause you untold grief when it come to buying land.

AND never, never, never! . . . buy land sight unseen, no matter how many videos, or bullshit brochures you receive . . . you MUST have boots on the ground before you buy. That old saying ‘if it seems too good to be true it probably is’ applies in spades when it comes to buying land.

So let’s get started on finding you some property one step at a time. (To be continued)

1. Find the property.
2. Inspect the property.
3. Buy the property.
4. Build upon the property.


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