The Way Back (part 3 )

Ok . . . before I lose my audience entirely I had better get to the point. The point is . . . we are simply running out of room. We can no longer submit ourselves to these PR techniques and expect anything except further decline in our way of life. Over consumption is ruining the planet and causing indelible harm to ourselves, all other life forms, as well as the physical environment that sustains us.

Nothing changes the trajectory towards future degradation until each one of us does his/her part. Until WE take the mission upon ourselves to become responsible and quit acting like the brainless idiots “they” have socially manipulated us to be.   (and if we fail at least we die knowing we have tried to make a difference)

We can all point fingers and lay blame on big business, HMO’s, government policy and oil companies, but it all began with ‘we the people’ when we bought into the Bernay’s line of bullshit. We listened, and we signed on the dotted line. That was the day we changed our wants into needs and sent ourselves on an over-the-top borrowing and buying spree.

In the days of the kings, only the regal and the wealthy could do what, in this day, all of us can do. Not only have WE been trained to become super consumers, but by our example the rest of the world has joined in. Now with China and India in the mix we have created too great a footprint on the planet and are experiencing all these negative situations because of it.

We must shrink our footprint for real. It can no longer be a faddy thing like wearing a ‘Go Green’ T shirt while filling our third car with gas. We need  to stop feeling good about ourselves for saving the environment just because we decided to recycle our trash. That’s all good, but it will take far more dedication than that. It is time for real action, and that action begins at home.

Remember Al Gore and his call to action? That was hypocritical bullshit. His footprint at the time was far larger than practically all of those he was preaching to . . . and still is. Or Michael Moore ranting about the wealthy while living in a lakefront mansion the size of a shopping center.

WTF is wrong with us? We MUST get real about this thing . . . or else I fear that Mother Earth will shake us off and start over.  (like she has done many times before according to current study of past civilizations) Maybe we have reached the point of no return already, I don’t know, but shouldn’t we even try?

So what can we do?

Before we climb our soapbox, we must first . . . learn from others who have already begun the journey and then teach OURSELVES to reduce OUR footprint and begin to walk softly upon the earth before we go any further. We can save the book signings for later when we have proof that we are not just another freaking hypocrite like good old Gore.

From here on out, I will no longer be ranting about HOW or WHY we got into this fix, but exploring ideas on how to extricate ourselves from it. How can we live comfortably off the rat wheel and maintain balance in our lives and environment?

We were ambushed, trapped, and run into a box canyon by the gods of PR . . . time to find our way to freedom. I promise to do my part . . . what about you? (to be continued)


One comment

  1. thoughtfullyprepping

    Interesting but when you consider that you’ll be up against BIG MONEY, what can you do apart from stand by your principles and run for the hills leaving this pathetic mess to self destruct in it’s own sweet time?


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