mind control and social manipulation (part 2)

Before I begin this segment on mind control I feel the need to disclose my purpose for writing this stuff in the first place, and what it is I am really at war with in these writings.

Although I feel there is conspiracy in the works, I am not a conspiracy theorist. Nor am I a right wing or left wing politico with a one sided view of national politics. Nor am I a grumpy old man sitting in my Lazy Boy looking for something to bitch about.

I am a no bullshit, true blue believer in the conservation of the earth on a first choice basis. That means before any human entity large or small decides to rip into, burn down, displace and destroy the natural order of things, they consider the effects it will have upon and within the earth.  On some issues I am soft and understanding, while others such as animal rights, I will go the distance opposing those two leggeds who believe themselves to be gods of the planet.

My enemy in this war is ignorance . . . my own included.

That is why I am so against people like Edward Bernays and their mind control tactics, and the shadow government with their social manipulating lies, and the half truths and political spin coming from their lackeys in Congress and the White House.

 Anyways, what I see happening in this country, and something that has been happening little by little since at least the Kennedy killing, is a concerted effort by groups like the CFR and Trilateral Commission to dumb down america and prepare them for a new world order.

Why I am so adamantly against social manipulation is simply the fact that over consumption is destroying the planet . . . and like I said, PLANET FIRST!

It started in the schools with curriculum changes and spread from there.

It invaded the women’s fight for liberation

It invaded men and their sense of duty towards others

It poisoned politics

It poisoned our food supply

It poisoned our water supply

It sold our jobs down the river along with our pride and taught us to live on welfare

It is fast creating a police state in order to control all ‘we the people’, who have become too stupid and sheep like to police ourselves.

It ALL is caused for a purpose . . . NOT because of our inabilities.

Check it out.

Why is our education system so far down in world ratings? Why are the Cleveland schools falling apart and 50% of the kids don’t even attend them?  Why are people so miserable and sick they need to spend zillions of dollars on drugs . . .  and zillions more on plastic enhancements to boost their self worth?

I don’t believe the things that are collapsing our society are accidental . . . I believe there is a reason behind the madness. That reason being to dumb down the USA and prepare us for the new world order.

I hear the youthful cry to independance . . . see our youngest citizens thinking that they are doing their own thing . . . living current . . . on the edge. . . while all the while wearing a ring in their nose and marching lock step alongside their peers, like cows meandering down the isle of consumerism and credit card debt . . . a lost, self centered generation of Beliebers who deem morals past tense and twirking cool and present.

Allow me to use an example in hopes of destroying those false images you kids have of being independent/current/edgy and replace it with something a bit more reality based. Following is (like Paul Harvey used to say on the radio) the rest of the story.

excerpt from Century Of The Self . . . read the writing in it’s entirety at:http://pialogue.info/books/Century-of-the-Self.php  (the writing is choppy, but I believe that overall the meaning is clear)

Edward Bernays – 1991: When I came back to the United States ( after working the propaganda angle during ww2) I decided that if you could use propaganda for war you could certainly use it for peace. Propaganda got to be a bad word because of the Germans using it. so what I did was to use Council on Public Relations.

 Bernays returned to New York and set up as a Public Relations Councilman in a small office off Broadway. Which was the first time the term had even been used. Since the end of the 19th century, America had become a mass industrial society with millions clustered together in the cities.

Bernays was determined to find a way to manage and alter the way these new crowds thought and felt. To do this he turned to the writings of his Uncle Sigmund. While in Paris Bernays had sent his Uncle a gift of some Havana cigars. In return Freud had sent him a copy of his General Introduction to Psychoanalysis. Bernays read it and the picture of hidden irrational forces inside human beings fascinated him. He wondered whether he might be able to make money manipulating the unconscious.

Pat Jackson – Public Relations Adviser and Colleague of Bernays: What Eddie got from Freud was indeed this idea that there is a lot more going on in human decision making. Not only among individuals but even more importantly among groups that this idea that information drives behavior. So Eddie began to formulate this idea that you had to look at things that will play to people’s irrational emotions. You see that immediately moved Eddie into a different category from other people in his field and most government officials and managers of the day who thought if you just hit people with all this factual information they would look at that and say go. Eddie knew that was not the way the world worked.

Bernays set out to experiment with the minds of the popular classes. His most dramatic experiment was to persuade women to smoke. At that time there was a taboo against women smoking and one of his early clients George Hill, the President of the American Tobacco corporation asked Bernays to find a way to break it.

Edward Bernays – 1991: He says we’re losing half of our market. Because men have invoked a taboo against women smoking in public. Can you do anything about that. I said let me think about it. I asked if I may have permission to see a psychoanalyst to see what cigarettes mean to women. He said what’ll it cost? So I called up Dr Brille, AA Brille who was the leading psychoanalyst in New York at the time.

AA Brille was one of the first psychoanalysts in America. For a large fee he told Bernays that cigarettes were a symbol of the penis and of male sexual power. He told Bernays that if he could find a way to connect cigarettes with the idea of challenging male power then women would smoke because they then would have their own penises.

Every year New York held an Easter day parade to which thousands came. Bernays decided to stage an event there . He persuaded a group of rich debutants to hide cigarettes under their clothes and join the parade. At a given signal from him they were to dramatically light up the cigarettes. Bernays then informed the press that he had heard that a group of suffragettes were preparing to protest by lighting up what they called torches of freedom.

Pat Jackson – Public Relations Adviser and Colleague of Bernays: He knew this would cause an outcry, and he knew that all of the photographers would be there to capture this moment so he was ready with the phrase ‘torches of freedom’.

Here you have a symbol, women, young women, debutantes, smoking a cigarette in public with a phrase that means anybody who believes in equality pretty much has to support them in the ensuing debate, because cigarettes were now considered torches of freedom. What’s the point? It’s Lady Liberty holding up the torch, there is emotion, there is memory, and there is a rational phrase, all of this is in there together.

So the next day this was not just in all the New York papers, it was across the United States and around the world. And from that point forward the sale of cigarettes to women began to rise. He had made them socially acceptable with a single symbolic ad.

What Bernays had created was the idea that if a women smoked it made her more powerful and independent, an idea that still persists today. It made him realize that it was possible to persuade people to behave irrationally if you link products to their emotional desires and feelings. The idea that smoking actually made women freer, was completely irrational. But it made them feel more independent. It meant that irrelevant objects could become powerful emotional symbols of how you want to be seen by others.

Peter Strauss – Employee of Bernays 1948-1952: Eddie Bernays saw the way to sell products was not to sell them to your intellect, but to your emotion. Buying the product would make you feel better about yourself. I think he originated the idea they weren’t just purchasing something, but rather they were engaging themselves emotionally in a product or service.

It’s not that you think you need a piece of clothing, but that you will feel better if you have a piece of clothing. That was his contribution in a very real sense. We see it all over the place today, but I think he originated the idea of the emotional connect to a product or service.

What Bernays was doing fascinated Americas corporations. They had come out of the war rich and powerful, but they had a growing worry. The system of mass production had flourished during the war and now millions of goods were pouring off production lines. What they were frightened of was the danger of overproduction, that there would come a point when people had enough goods and would simply stop buying.

Up until that point the majority of products were still sold to the masses on the basis of need. While the rich had long been used to luxury goods, for the millions of working class Americans, most products were still advertised as necessities. Goods like shoes, stockings, even cars, were promoted in functional terms for their durability. The aim of the advertisements were simply to show people the products practical virtues, nothing more.

What the corporations realized they had to do, was transform the way the majority of Americans thought about products. One leading Wall Street banker, Paul Mazer of Lehman Brothers was clear about what was necessary. We must shift America, he wrote, from a needs to a desires culture. People must be trained to desire, to want new things even before the old had been entirely consumed. We must shape a new mentality in America. Man’s desires must overshadow his needs.

Peter Solomon – Investment Banker – Lehman Brothers: Prior to that time there was no American consumer, there was the American worker. And there was the American owner. And they manufactured, and they saved and they ate what they had to and the people shopped for what they needed. And while the very rich may have bought things they didn’t need, most people did not. And Mazer envisioned a break with that where you would have things that you didn’t actually need, but you wanted as opposed to needed.

And the man who would be at the center of changing that mentality for the corporations was Edward Bernays. . . . and the rest is history. (to be continued)



  1. Erin Kurnik

    Very interesting (and scary) about creating desire driven consumerism. Didn’t realize, previously, people were more practical with their spending and not brain-washed.


  2. jjwalters

    yeah . . . the super con job of the century.

    I am starting the parts about how we can lighten our foot print on an individual basis . . . if you have any ideas let me know ?. . .


  3. thoughtfullyprepping

    Lighten our footprint?
    Do away with “the money men” and the politicians.
    To be complete, add religion or more accurately just keep Christians and non Christians apart.
    After all the pickle we are in is because of greed or politically motivation (aka greed). Religion makes nothing but zealots in particular those intent on cutting peoples heads off and blowing things up to further their perverted goals.


  4. jjwalters

    sure, we can always point outward in a zillion directions, but WE are the target and WE have taken the offered bait. . . . refuse the bait and the trapper starves . . . first on a personal basis . . . later corporately (when enough individuals get involved), the system will evolve . . .

    US first . . . always.

    The trend has already begun . .

    50 years from now? maybe. . . individually we can start today by shrinking our own footprint.

    Like Truman said “the buck stops here” . . .


  5. Erin Kurnik

    Of course, I have plenty of ideas on that. My candle blog post (which can be applied to other products) and the post from yesterday touch upon that. I will definitely be writing a blog on that weekly. We can bounce ideas back and forth.

    I saw Zeitgeist: The Movie, by the way.


  6. Erin Kurnik

    Of course, I have plenty of ideas on that. My candle blog post (which can be applied to other products) and the post from yesterday touch upon that. I will definitely be writing a blog on that weekly. We can bounce ideas back and forth.

    I saw Zeitgeist: The Movie, by the way.


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