I had a dream last night and I want to share it because well, most of my dreams vacillate between violent and very violent . . .  and this one was ‘Sound Of Music’ wonderful for me. . . . almost like a vision quest. . . damn, if I was an Indian I would know it was time to leave the mountain . . .

I wrote it all down in a couple minutes and only edited enough so my daughter could understand it. . . . . anyways


I was with friends , , , Wally, Tom and many others on their farm . . . .the police came and broke up the party and I began to fly away  . . . for a while I stuck around doing different things and showing off until I met a lady and lingered for awhile with her (I believe I carried her for a bit as I was flying around) . . . but later I headed off on my journey home

I wasn’t positive where I was going and ran into various groups of people along the way . . .the first group was pretty nice, they were awestruck that I could fly . . .. then as I left one area and began across a great deep canyon a preacher standing below and behind me began warning me that “ YOU  CAN”T GO THERE or you will die” . . . . then a little kid grabbed onto me and I lowered him to to the ground and took off across the valley after another little kid pointed the way to where I wanted to go . . .  across the valley and over the far away mountain . . .

I entered another rather ugly place (like a basement with no ceiling)  where I was mocked by a preacher and clung onto by various freaky people . . . it was unpleasant there and I finally got away . . . .

I began to soar high across a deep and beautiful valley and play in flight . . . as I almost reached the mountain I somehow got mixed into a small bunch of houses where I saw a large ugly man with a rifle and heard him say how much he hated me and that he was going to shoot me down if I kept  flying . . . I knew he was serious and I think I landed and sat on a rock contemplating on what to do . . . .

I then woke up in a deep sweat believing that for some reason I had just been healed from some kind of sickness. I changed my shirt, took the dog out, and am now sitting here in my Lazy Boy feeling stoned strange, like I’m only half here . . . ..

When I was flying the land beneath me was stunningly beautiful . . . when I was amongst the various peoples it was not so much so (it seemed the places the people lived were in direct relation to them) . . . th place where the 2nd preacher lived was ugly, as was the place of the guy with the gun . . . but the preachers was ugliest…

Thing is I didn’t get away from the guy with the gun . . . I was sitting on a rock and he was in his house yelling at somebody like his wife about how much he hated me when I woke up sweaty with the situation unresolved . . .

The first preacher thought the valley was too deep and wide and was concerned for my well being . . .

the second (priest?) was much more diabolical and he hated the fact that I was flying.  

The third guy (don’t know if he was a preacher or not) truly wanted to kill me . . . and it all had to do with my flying ability and where I was going . . .

Wierd huh?




  1. Erin Kurnik

    I don’t know what going to the mountain symbolizes for you, but if I had a dream like you described, I might interpret it like that flying is the part of me that is free and ascending from an old consciousness (police- oppressive authority) to new consciousness (flying and beautiful valley). Yet, there are these other forces within me that want to hold me back or are scared, angry, old wounds– the first preacher- self doubt (no, you can’t cross that canyon to a new consciousness), the 2nd preacher and last guy, perhaps, those shadow parts of us that need to be acknowledged and brought to light.

    Of course, this is all highly subjective and you’re the one that had the dream and felt the feelings it left you with. I found it intriguing that you woke up feeling healed from some kind of sickness, perhaps, purging some hurts within. It also sounds powerful that the otherworldly feeling of the dream lingered, plus the flying and incredible beauty of the valley.

    I, personally, find it crazy, that after all this spiritual work on myself, my dreams are still wonky. LOL. I suppose I have to purge unprocessed, unexpressed things somehow. Yet, it would be cool to have more magical and awakening dreams.


  2. jjwalters

    that was a pretty good interpretation . . . thanks.

    What I got out of it was more a we than a me with pretty much the same rest as you did. . . Since this a rather new path for me I basically took it as a second witness to tell me I’m on the right well worn path as the rest of everybody . . .

    regardless it was a beautiful experience . ..

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