Now you guys might have thought I just wanted to show off when I put up those pictures of my little house, and yeah, I was a little bit, but I also had a broader vision in mind. I wanted to show first hand what a person can do with a small amount of cash and a boatload of initiative and effort. Basically my message is the same as always. . . . The times are changing, don’t fear them, but prepare yourselves to live through them.

I honestly think Obama  tried, but soon after taking the oath I believe he was summoned to a meeting where he learned he was merely the new figurehead of a silent coup that ended long before he entered office. His duty is to do what he is told and he has no chance at all of succeeding without ‘their’ approval. He talks, and that is in essence, the only job requirement left to the visible president of the United States of America.

The transformation from democracy to corporacity goes like this:

A Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what is for dinner.

A Republic is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what is for dinner, with a Farmer (that cares about the lamb) overseeing the voting.

A Corporacity (?) is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what is for dinner, with a Farmer (that cares about the lamb) overseeing the voting, while the corporation that owns the wolves, the lamb and the entire farm, already knows damn well it will be eating the wolves the lamb ‘and’ the farmer for dinner.)

Today the times of excess are over, the times of austerity have begun.

Now what? Oh no! . . . the American dream is over? Guess what, it was always just smoke and mirrors anyways. We have been up to our eyeballs in bullshit all of our lives. We’re just coming back to the real world, that’s all.

Does anybody actually believe that we americans could continue our tromp through the rest of the world’s tomato patch with impunity forever? Well, the bubble is bursting, things will never be the same as they were before the markets took a dump in the center of Wall Street.

Fact: The industrial base that made everything work for us for so long in this country has been sold out from under us. We must face up to that fact. It ain’t coming back.

As a young person do you really want to live in the phoney atmosphere of Ken and Barbieville (where all the kids are never seen, and the golf course lawns are poisoned, fake and green) anyways?

 Do you really need a flashy car and expensive clothes to impress the neighbors who are way too concerned about THEIR  expensive clothes and flashy cars to really give a damn with what you have anyways ?

The good news is that you don’t HAVE to live in their bubble. You don’t HAVE to impress anybody except yourselves.  You can live well . . .  just by living simple. Simple living is NOT a bad thing . . . simple living is a GOOD thing.

Today I am proud to see that many of our young people have deserted the ship of state and are charting their own life courses. This Tiny House movement is just one example as to what can happen when they begin to think outside the box and begin to do their own thing without acquiring unnecessary debt. Kinda reminds me of the young people of the sixties except . . .

Today there is no comparison to what the environment was like for my 60’s generation. Back then kids lived in the streets cause it was the cool thing to do. Today there is no more dancing in the streets, they have became mean and many times murderous.

Today the middle class has fallen into the widening chasm between wealth and poverty. All we have left is hope, but while we stand in the unemployment line and watch the country melt around our feet like an iceberg in the jungle, hope is not enough . . .

We are entering critical mass and too many, are too dumb, or have been living the illusion too long, to believe it. The age of the 60’s is beyond the point of no return . . .  Welcome to Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World.’

What now?

Well, it’s not all that difficult actually. Read your history of the great depression. How did people survive in those times . . . and how did they not?

Look around you today at people like the Amish who live outside the borders of modern society and join them, (not religiously, but in lifestyle and personal initiative)  . . . and prepare to get off the government teet before they withdraw it anyway and starve you to death. And above all remember you are . . . infinite potential.    (to be continued)



  1. Noony

    Literally right after I read your post about your small house, I heard a Ted Talk on NPR…something along the lines of “less stuff, more happiness…” I have always been a minimalist and, among my peers, I sometimes get the feeling that my living standards are far below what people consider “successful.” I am amongst yuppies, I think. I don’t have very many nice things, and I am happy. Still, I feel like I have to defend that to people – “no, really, I’m not a loser!” I guess it’s not my job to convince anyone of my happiness though, right? 🙂


  2. jjwalters

    I am a builder, I should have a lot of money and influence . . . HA! . . . really who needs it.

    I have TIME and time is far more important than stuff.

    I have FREEDOM . . . and freedom is far more important than working long hours bound to a desk. . . .

    Take care of yourself, don’t be a leech…. and enjoy your life . . . and I believe you are doing just that . . . 🙂


  3. Jami

    I just ordered a book on building tiny houses last week. I quit my job for a corporate multinational holding company to start out on my own. I just got back from a meditation volunteer retreat where I cooked and cleaned floors and meditated for four hours a day – and I was happy (vipassana is all volunteer run and all donation based – and fully successful). I am going back to the land, studying permaculture, and socially conscious entrepreneurship – over my dead body are these corporations going to tell me how to live and love. Really. There is a deep stirring in me coming up, and I know I am nowhere near alone.


  4. jjwalters

    If you want to know something about building why not ask me and I will work my reply into a post . . . no problem as I don’t get that much traffic . . . especially prints. . . etc.

    I believe you are in Australia so you must watch for building codes/permits etc. (if you have them)


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