(part 6) Recreational Marijuana – con’s

Because the effect of weed on the normal person is not as outstanding as being drunk on booze, or no where near as dangerous as shooting heroin, it can, in reality, be seen by many as being somewhat similar to 3.2 beer. “Yes it is intoxicating, but it’s not as bad as the rest of the drugs I COULD be taking” . . . and so it goes, but here, in my opinion, lies it’s great danger.
Marijuana is not without it’s faults, it is not a panacea, nor as simple as drinking a glass of wine. Just as in any other drug, in the wrong hands it can become downright dangerous. . . and I’ll tell you why.

First of all in order to enjoy the effects of weed and stay out of trouble you have to be a responsible person, and like I said earlier in this essay, this is the age of irresponsibility. Everything goes in this ego driven, self centered society and I don’t see it getting any better any time soon.

Of course you could probably say that about my generation also, but in spite of the large amount of young people involved in the counter culture movement of that day, they were overall just a small slice of the society. In the sixties our parents were, as a whole, pretty straight. So basically ‘most’ of the long haired herd had a coral to go home to any time they got hungry or had a need. I don’t see that solid foundation these days.

In my day we could wander the streets of Portland at 2AM and be safe . . . today I would need an M16 and a full combat load to feel safe. Fact is things have changed drastically for the worse since 1968 all across the board (saving this for another day)

Another thing is that weed is far stronger now than it was in the day. Far stronger means when you get really stoned today it would almost equate to an acid trip in my day . . . not cool.

So link up very strong weed with very immature people and you get a very large problem very quickly.

A person today suffering from bipolar disorder . . . or PTSD could go over the top on this powerful of a product. I’ve seen it happen with the weaker stuff so it’s a no brainer to realize the problems inherent with this new stuff.

We used to say pot was not addicting, and what that means is you have no withdrawals or sickness like if you were on heroin or something like that. We also said it was mentally addicting, and it is. Anybody who actually uses it for fun and games realizes you can only get high once every three days or so in order to get the full effect of the drug. Once meaning one occasion, not one after the other all day long every day . . . and that’s the way a lot of people smoke these days. I see a lot of guys who are addicted to the drug and I can tell they are addicted to it by the fact they can no longer get high. It is a dangerous position for a person to get themselves into.

Also there is the lazy effect of smoking too much pot. and for kids this can be deadly. They will slack off on homework and everything else from clothes to table manners, even life in general will become a drag to them. The wrong psychic makeup and they may kill themselves or do something else really dumb, it happens. I’ve found guys smoking weed on the job when I was building houses in Alaska. I fired a couple on the spot. . . . work and weed don’t mix.

Another thing that don’t mix is weed and alcohol or weed and any other drug . . . don’t work. You can quickly devolve into an unknown high when you mix this stuff up and have a very hard time of it . . . I’ve seen it happened.

You want to smoke pot? . . . be a purist. Mixing all this stuff together in your system is asking for trouble.

You want to drive a car when you’re stoned? . . . don’t . . . you are intoxicated and can kill somebody or yourself.

Marijuana, especially today’s makeup of the drug, only works in special circumstances at special times. That usually means safe and secure in your own home with a couple of friends or alone if you want to listen to music and play your guitar. (weed has a profound effect to the good on your senses, music is especially wonderful)

There are enough limitations to this drug that I don’t vote yes for complete legalization. Ohio has a law on the books now where possession of less than 31/2 oz is considered a simple misdemeanor, no jail time and no more than a 150.00 fine. That is fine with me, Grow a couple plants, smoke them up on your own and if by chance you get busted pay your fine and go grow some more. My main concern about complete legalization is that I just don’t feel our young people can handle the freedom.

As far as medical legalization like California has, I’m all for it. The herb is good for that, but in today’s bullshit arena, it’s either the devil or the angel, when actually it’s just a weed with a few great benefits and should be treated as such.



  1. jasonjshaw

    Another con that I’ve noticed is that those who use it more regularly (daily) seem to be less able to handle stress well when they haven’t smoked any. It does seem to significantly affect abilities of understanding and comprehension as well in those who rely heavily on it.

    But it’s like anything, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Heck, I used to take multivitamins daily as a child, and I had all sorts of allergies. My allergies seemed to go away around the same time period I stopped taking multivitamins. I have my doubts that it’s coincidental.


  2. jjwalters

    absolutely . . . like you say too much of a good thing . . . I know people who are in that very fix . . . and when you get to that point you may be driven to harder drugs . . . I don’t know.


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