Responsibility (part 3)

The first two parts of this essay were things I read . . . this writing begins the parts I have personally experienced during my 46 years of hanging out with Mary Jane. To begin, I am not advocating smoking weed, nor am I advocating NOT smoking weed. My purpose for this essay is to try and bring some balance into the situation as it stands today. It’s seems kinda screwy to me out there right now.

First of all marijuana is a drug. Smoke it and it does things to your body as well as to your mind. Things change. It makes you feel good on one hand, but has the potential of freaking you out on the other. So as in any other drug a person ingests, it takes a bit of responsibility on that persons part when they use it. Responsibility seems hard, in this world of pointing blame, for many to deal with. If you are the irresponsible type you should not be using weed or drinking alcohol, or even driving a car (Bieber!) for that matter.

Instead of making the usage of weed some kind of moral issue in the first place, we should be making it a responsibility issue. Are you responsible enough for your actions to use and control your usage? If you are a child, a teen ager, or even an adult the question must remain the same. Legal or illegal is not the question. Are you responsible enough for yourself to use it is . . .

One of the great problems concerning weed is that in the very beginning of it’s popularity we have been fed lies and bullshit concerning it’s usage (like I said in part one) Anslinger and his lies caused nothing but governmental distrust among those who were smart enough to see through them. Most of us who jumped aboard the culture revolution train enmass during the late 60’s knew better, therefore we believed nothing coming out of Washington and still don’t.

Before the war demonstrations and the hippie movement started weed was a drug mostly used by beatnick artists and musicians, but once those things got going it went viral and the beat began . . . and today the beat goes on.

Only a group of foolish old Senators would think they could keep the genie in the bottle . . . (or even the drug corporation that pays them off, for that matter). Won’t work, just like the war on booze didn’t work. Weed is here to stay in spite of the legality issue. Time to empty the prison house and cut off profits to the cartel. Time for a war on ignorance.

Now you want to talk about this nonsense that pot leads to harder drugs? One big reason it did was that because of the obvious lies about weed, no one believed it when they were told ‘smack will kill you’ either, and it will. I have friends and a family member, who died from overdose.

‘Speed will ruin you and dement you’. and it will, who doesn’t have a zillion speed freak stories to tell. My best friend lost his mind years ago from using crystal meth.

‘Cocain is evil’, might be I don’t know. Never had much to do with the drug as it has no drawing power except for the weak who want to feel powerful.

Fact is, the feeling was that since they lied about weed, they’re probably lying about all of it, . . . but many times they weren’t and many kids got trapped. Not because of the gateway, but because of the lies, and gullibility that said they could handle smack. I would say in the long run that having an addictive personality had more to do with it than anything else . . . gateway doesn’t work for me at all . . . it smells of bullshit.

Tune in, turn on, drop out . . . Tim Leary said it and many, many, of us did it. Weed was the glue that held our vagabond society together. Just like religious doctrine holds the Christian society together, the doctrine of drugs and dreams held us together.

Weed being at the forefront, then acid, but most everybody I knew stopped there. Once the mob moved in and began selling heroin down at Haight Ashbury slowly the dreams of peace and love died and were replaced by paranoia and mental illness . . . Had we stayed with pot alone as many have, we would still be together, as many are.

Today the drug is way more powerful than it was in the 60’s. You hear that all the time and that one is actually true. I could buy an ounce of good Mexican weed for about ten bucks, smoke a joint and get really high, but remain mellow. Today, when my buddy who lives up the hill sits down on the front porch and pulls out a joint, I know only to take one hit because it is too powerful for me. Were I to smoke much more than that, I would zombie out and cease to function.

That would break the cardinal rule that I have created for myself and lived by for all these years. . . always keep the exit door in sight and be able to take it in a hurry if need be . . . Today you can get so high on weed that you will just sit there and burn up.

That’s a fact and that’s why a person must be, today more than ever, responsible for themselves. I don’t see too many who are and that scares me more than some sheep dip politician and his silly imprisonment laws when it come to smoking weed.



  1. jasonjshaw

    You’re bang on. I’ve never smoked the stuff personally, but I know people who have and/or do and I have made an effort to understand the issue better, as aside from those who smoke it chronically, I have seen very little in the way of serious issues with it and a lot of upside to it.

    But you nail it with speaking of responsibility and a need for honest information.

    Sadly, misinformation tends to drive society, and that will be difficult to change until our leadership stops feeding lies to the population. It only creates divisive distrust between people, like as you say, most people tend to point blame rather than actually work to understand the underlying issues at hand.


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