(part 4) Medical Marijuana

I have heard so many good things about the usage of marijuana for medical purposes that I am hesitant to say what I originally thought about the move to legalize it on that basis. It seemed to be a way of edging its way in the door so to speak and a little disingenuous I thought, but since I have just been diagnosed with glaucoma I may want to buy some legally myself. If I did though, I would never give up my drops. The drops are a proven help and an almost guarantee to keep the disease from blinding you . . . I don’t think Marijuana can say that. So as in everything else, there is a balance.

As far as medical weed goes, I would say if it works for you, great. If it eases the pain, by all means use it, but I wouldn’t be giving up a known medication for an herbal one unless it was something like chemo which I equate being somewhat similar to the practice of bloodletting. Death comes to us all and I’d rather not poison my immune system forever in hopes of saving my life for just a little while longer.

Weed is good for pain, it is good for nausea, as well as a bunch of other stuff, but what I don’t hear about as often is how it puts you in a better frame of mind and actually helps you through a hard place by keeping you level and focused. This I am sure of because I experienced it myself.

Maybe ten years ago now I severed my Achilles Tendon when I ran my foot through plate glass while wearing sandles . . . not a smart thing to do. Cut clean through, the tendon rolled back up my leg. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance where I was operated on and placed in a full length cast that was bent at the knee. I was to remain immobilized that way for at least six weeks, then the cast would come off and they would see how it looked.

By nature I am one who does all he can do to avoid traps of any kind. Now here I was physically trapped by this cast. Well, after I got back home the drugs wore off a bit and I began to focus on my leg . . . it was bound up in a cast . . . and I couldn’t straighten it. Period. I WANTED to straighten that leg! I HAD to straighten that leg!!

I grabbed my crutches and out the door I went, up and down the street as fast as a one legged idiot on crutches could go . . . crazed and mumbling to myself all the way . . . back and forth . . . back and forth . . . until I wore myself completely out.

It didn’t help that they had given me codeine in the hospital. I forgot to tell them that codeine makes me crazy . . . anyways, true to form, it did. I immediately tossed the drug into the toilet and decided to take the pain which was by now excruciating. Still, the physical pain was far less debilitating than the mental anguish was.

So here I was lying in bed, hurting like hell, and STILL wanting to straighten my leg. I felt the panic edging up the back of my neck and was about two minutes from getting out the old k-bar and cutting the damn cast off when something or someone in my head said, “hey dipshit! Why don’t you smoke a joint and relax a little bit?”

I usually listen to that guy in my head when it comes to this kind of stuff so I did. I got out the bag of weed that my wife and I use to party with, smoked a pipe full and laid back in the bed.
Within minutes the pain subsided and the panic eased up to where I was no longer freaked out. Then the voice came back, “lookit Jim you have to see that cast as a friend instead of an enemy. It is there to help, not hinder, now relax dipshit!” . . . I listened . . . and I did.

The next six weeks went by and I never again had any problems. I set up my easel and painted for something to do, read books and wrote. The cast became a part of me and I no longer hated it.

The day the cast was removed was just another day in the life. I started rehab with the idea that I absolutely refused to be left with a limp. I worked hard and I have no limp at all. Had I cut the cast off I would have created a huge problem for myself. I’ve seen what happens to guys who don’t or can’t get proper medical care in a timely fashion. I was lucky . . . and I give the weed credit for a lot of it, as well as the skilled hands of a very good surgeon. I believe in medical marijuana because I have experienced it’s benefit. It should be legalized in every state yesterday. I doubt it will cure many things, but it will absolutely assist one in their efforts to maintain while going through a curing process. Of that I have no doubt.



  1. robertpekrul

    I like how you mention the way it assisted you mentally. The times that I have smoked it eased my depression and for some reason beyond me it set my mind up for evaluating the way I act. So when it wore off I acted accordingly to make myself a better person whereas before I didn’t notice some things I was doing.


  2. jjwalters

    I understand . . . and it does help open your mind to deep introspection, but ultimately you must find yourself sober and alone. . . .

    know what I mean?


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