Us vs Them (part 4 )

We humans come into this world just as all animals do via the creative efforts of a mother and a father. Once birthed we immediately become a part of a family structure whose main goal is to protect and nurture us until the day we mature enough to go out on our own. We even (except for ancient Israel) get a family last name like Jones.

We start out life as the individual ‘me’ and quickly become a part of the corporate ‘us’ That’s the way it has always been. No matter what nation we are born into, or what religious beliefs we are born under, the cycle of ‘us and them’ remains constant. Our first social contact with others is normally seen through the eyes of the family unit.

Sadly for too many, the experience stops at that point. When we believe, as many do, that ‘family means everything,’ that thought automatically creates an ‘us vs them’ syndrome into our lives and history pretty much repeats itself on down the highway of time.

I was born into the Walters family. The housing project was (us) my tribe . . . the world surrounding us became ‘them.‘ When I was an athlete, my team became my tribe. When I was a soldier, my brigade became my tribe. . . then the carpenters union . . . then the church . . . then the . . . and on I went throughout the history of my early life exchanging one group of people for another until the day I flipped out and became a loner living in the Alaskan bush where I had no tribe.

I was talking to a hippie guy who lived up the trail a piece one day, and he brought up this question of ‘us vs them.’ He was a pretty eloquent guy, and as he talked I had a mini awakening, although I don’t remember his name or even what he looked like I never forgot what he said. “What would happen if we broke from the mold of ‘us and them’ and became just ‘us?’ Like most profound questions are, this was very direct and simple in nature . . . and pretty much set me on my current course.

People will normally just about do anything to help a family member . . . or a member of their tribe, but when it comes to the outsider there is often an entirely different set of rules. Race, language, religion, politics, class, etc. all bring people together . . . but they also have the same negative ability to separate us from our brother and our sister human being.

Today in the US we are more divided than ever along party, personal, social lines, and it’s only getting worse. That is the reason I believe a collapse is imminent for . . . divided we fall . . . Perhaps money is not really the root of all evil . . . perhaps separation is.

We need to somehow break the ‘us vs them’ mold and realize that although we are doing different things, wearing different clothes, speaking different languages, and attending different viewpoints . . . we are basically one linked tribe of human beings.

What do you think would happen if we quit allowing sociopaths to lead us via the law of separation and started believing in the way of oneness? Think we will then have the ability to share the same love and compassion for our earth family as we do our birth family?

Think maybe that once we have a broadened viewpoint, our empathy level might rise to the point that war will no longer be the weapon of choice, or even an option? It’s hard to raise your fist to a brother or sister . . . let alone a gun.

As always, there is no magical formula . . . no savior to do it for us . . . no dept. of oneness to implement a law . . . or no leader to follow. It is up to us, individually, to make the decision and choose a path best fitted to our gifts and our skill level.

We can start by practicing peace just like we practice piano. It takes a hard learning curve to play beautiful music . . . but the benefits are great.

We don’t have to wait on any signs from heaven or any sign from anybody else, we can do it ALL on our own. . . . BE KIND to everybody and treat everybody you come in contact with like family . . . because in the real world they are. (to be continued)


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