Back To The Future (part 5)

At some point along the evolutionary highway we fell asleep at the wheel, took a wrong turn, and lost respect for the natural world. I don’t know how or why it all started, but it’s obvious to all who can see that as we progress on one hand we digress on the other . . . until the day will come when the earth can no longer sustain our ignorance.

I don’t believe we will wake up in time. Nor do I believe we will voluntarily give back to the planet in order to make it happen. I believe we will continue to live in the fantasy that we have created that everything will be OK in the long run. (even if the ocean is dying and the lands are being raped and our rivers are full of chemicals and sludge). Science will make sure of that . . . really?

Besides, death may be wired into the creative process the same as it is in everything else . . . all things evolve to a certain point, hit their peak moment and then begin a long descent to their ultimate death. Maybe civilizations continue along that same merry path as well, and there is no way out of it.

Maybe there is a preprogrammed safety factor built in our DNA that guarantees we humans will never advance to the point where we can actually destroy the planet beyond it’s ability to recover. And maybe we are at that point right now. Maybe we have been targeted for extinction by mother nature because of our wanton disrespect and lack of spiritual awareness towards the rest of her children.

We may have not been so wise when we decided to separate ourselves so far from the rest of creation. Our distant cousins, that we accuse of being ignorant aborigines, certainly did not. They lived quite close to the natural environment and felt they were a part of her.

When did we become so arrogant as to create God in our own image anyways? Is Mother earth about to wash her hands of us? Again? (many say there were civilizations long before our world view of history even began.)

We had the opportunity, but we have chosen to use and abuse rather than to tread softly upon the earth. Oh well, I’m sure that from our ashes another tribe will raise up and evolve to this point and be faced with the same choices. The beat will go on until some people at some time in the distant future, realize the way to life on this earth for humanity is NOT to subdue it, but to care for this planet as if it were a living entity (maybe it is?)

Sound pretty gloom and doom? Maybe, but the laws of Nature supercede the laws of man, and if we ever want to escape the inevitable we must learn the balance between spiritual knowledge and technological advances . . . right now it’s like a man giving the keys to his new pickup to his five year old and giving him free reign over the highway.

In the long run Momma knows what’s best . . . Our only hope to advance our civilization into the future is to take it back to the past, find that wrong turn and right it. That means in my opinion a return to tribalism, not localized, but on an earth wide basis where we drop the individual country/ nation and become one united human tribe. The American Indian called themselves “the people.” That’s close enough.

Is it even possible to revert back to the tribal ways and yet maintain individuality? I suppose, but it would be difficult. One thing for sure it will take a vast amount of spiritual growth on our part. We would have to become personally responsible for our actions as well as ourselves or else we will just be helping the one world government movement that is right now seeking to implement this kind of a totalitarian state. (and has been for some time now) Their goal is to do the very things I am talking about, but their motto is ‘unify to enslave’.

Our motto would be ‘unify to set free’ . . . but it would only work if a large majority of the people involved had accomplished the necessary inward work and transformed themselves into the caretaker role . . .

Now of course this stuff is all merely a utopian idea. I see nothing on the horizon that even vaguely resembles anything like what I’m talking about. . . . in the real world it can only come to fruition in ourselves, one person at a time as we begin to drop all the titles and see every human being on this planet as our brother. . . . even our sworn enemies.

We know our society is crumbling. We think we know how to heal it, but that will take a large movement towards individual responsibility before anything will happen to shift the balance of power. Can we do it? Of course. Will we ever actually do it? I hope so, but I kind of doubt it. I’ll do the best I can within myself to BE KIND though. That should be a good start. (end)



  1. Jami

    I have been thinking about this a lot. I am studying for my Pemaculture diploma, but I have recently become frustrated that it’s just a fantasy getaway for white middle class people – that it’s not the impact it needs to. But it’s just before it’s time, I do believe…I do have to believe that we will return to our basic nature of living WITH nature, as there is no other way. I am reading Small is Beautiful by Schumacker. It’s from ’72 and a bit outdated in that respect, but I can recommend, it’s all about what you speak of here. Great post, thank you for writing it!


  2. jjwalters

    my hope is we will return because as you say we must return . . . but when we do I’m afraid there will be far less of us to do the cleanup. . . for instance, what I am reading about the Pacific Ocean is staggering. My heart says it is not possible, but my says “oh yeah?”

    I’m dedicated to doing my best. but it will take a couple billion of me’s & you’s to balance this thing out . . . good luck to us ! 🙂


  3. jjwalters

    yes I am realizing this now . . . lol . . . interesting guy, but I am not so into the conspiracy stuff. (though I do believe some of it) . . . I do like his 100 monkey idea though and will watch the video if it’s on utube . . .


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