(part 3) It Takes A Tribe

if I were to simplify my historical viewpoint on the European invasion of the Americas in just a few words I would say this . . . We arrived in boats with weapons in hand. We used, abused, and ultimately killed her original populations along with their social structure and like a deadly virus took over the continent. . . not so nice, but that IS the way it went down.

We then attempted the grandiose experiment of building a future looking society based on the freedom and independence of the new (white and wealthy) owners of this beautiful and pristine land. We wrote the Constitution, cut all ties to the mother land . . . and away we went, a capitalistic republic called the United States of America went on the books.

Now, as the republic crumbles about us and we have the golden opportunity of hindsight to look back and contemplate upon our failures as well as our successes, we must ask ourselves a few questions. How did we do? What could we have done better? Where did we miss the balance between individual rights and social obligation?

My personal viewpoint in all this heavy stuff is pretty light. . . . We attempted to build an every-man-for-himself society within a social structure that demanded cohesiveness. It even said so in it’s original declaration. . . . We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. . . . sounds good, but in actuality they should have written the rules to playing ‘king of the hill’ cause that’s what we have done these last many years, especially since the early seventies when the empire of production morphed into becoming the empire of consumption.

How did that all work for us? Is it even possible for a society such as ours to exist long term? I believe what we are experiencing today is the inevitable result of a giant Ponzi scheme, doomed to failure just as sure and sudden as Bernie Madoff’s was.

The problem is that the guys at the top have become too heavy for those of us beneath them to support. We are collapsing from the weight of their accesses. We have reached the limit, the ultimate collapse of our corporate republic is inevitable.

Hillary Clinton wrote a book called, ‘It Takes A Village.’ I didn’t read it, but the title makes no sense unless that village was Garrison Keillor’s lake wobegon. definition . . . A village refers to a collection of houses and other related buildings that are smaller as compared to a town and located in a rural setting. . . .

The only long term social structure I know of that seems to work in the world of man is the tribal one. definition . . . A tribe is a group of people connected to an idea, connected to a leader and connected to each other. This was the social structure of most of the original occupiers of this great land.

Our leaders in Washington knew straight up that in order to destroy the American Indian they must also destroy his culture. They knew that their tribal culture was the glue that held them together and separation would be a requirement in order to conquer them.

The people were ripped from their tribal villages and placed on reservations . . . their children were whisked away to the American school where their language was forbidden. We did everything we could think of to destroy the tribal culture of the American Indian.

Look at the American Indian today and you’ll be looking at a defeated people, BUT as we sink into the past the American Indian is recouping his power and strengthening himself for a return. Good for them.

Now whether the guy is red or black or white doesn’t matter to me. . . . the old ways do . . . because going back to the old ways is the only way to save this country from it’s ultimate death under the leadership of corporate greed and over the top consumption.

In reality the battle to be independant from our fellows has only, in the long run, weakened us. The thought that one is responsible for his neighbors wellbeing is preposterous in this day and age. I hear “why don’t they get a damn job!” when there is no job to get. Few feel responsible for anything or anybody other than themselves and their immediate family.

That’s not because we are bad people, it’s more because that’s the culture we’ve been raised under and what we have been taught. The United States of America is hardly united in anything save the desire to acquire more ‘stuff.’ and having a place to put it.

It will take the return of tribal ways where we will learn that we ARE our brothers keeper. If our brother is hungry we must feed him. If our brother is sick we must care for him. If our brother is cold we must supply him with warmth. If our brother is in danger we must be willing to put our life on the line for him. . . When we do all that stuff we will just be doing the basic things that we should have been doing all along. . . if we had been perhaps we wouldn’t today be watching the empire crumble around us. (to be continued)



  1. Noony

    I just read that the last native speaker of the Klallam language has died at the age of 103. The US tried to phase out the language, then realized that was bad and tried to fund preservation of it. Too little, too late.


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