Realization (part 2)

Once we realize that the foundation to the American Dream was built upon sand it isn’t all that hard to visualize the rest. The dream quickly dissolves as we awaken to the fact that, as in most dreams, it was not real in the first place. It was always just an illusion.

Does this mean unhappiness and misery for us? Gloom AND doom? Will we ever be as happy as we were during the heyday of believing Lyndon’s mirage? Were we ever even happy to begin with? I don’t think so.

If having things and a high comfort level makes one happy, shouldn’t the rich and famous be tip toeing through the tulips? Why are drugs and sex and greed and sadness so prevalent within their ranks? Why the depression? The overdoses and suicides? Is this merely the human condition called ‘duality’ at play, or something else entirely?

Partially it is the human condition I suppose, but (in my experience), as soon as the counter culture bubble broke around 73, a new bubble was ushered in. The mantra of peace, love, and psychedelics we adhered to, was replaced by the ‘I, me, my’ generation, our Capitalistic Republic went viral on the notion that ‘greed’ was good . . . and the rest, leading up to this very day, is history.

Today, many of us realize the glory days of the ‘me’ generation is over, played out like the bad and boring symphony of waste and wanton destruction it was.

As our money loses strength and our possessions dwindle, and the middle class that held the whole thing together disintegrates before our eyes we have some serious decisions to make. It’s time to give up the mirage, dispel the notion that greed is good and begin to create a new society based upon fact rather than fiction.

The fundamentals remain constant, the pursuit of happiness, love, peace, freedom and quality of life are still worthy goals, but by now we have to be realizing that the empire of ME is over and in order to be truly happy on this earth we must not only raise ourselves up, but those around us also.

Hopefully we can make the switch before we allow the corporation of greed to destroy this planet to the point of non renewal. . . . (to be continued)


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