The Empire Is Crumbling (part one)

The empire is crumbling. I don’t like to use those words, but they are, in my mind, far closer to the truth than any of the other stuff I am hearing these days. From the ‘everything’s fine’ spin I hear coming from the Obama administration, to the made up doomsday reports on youtube and in the blogs. (it’s really bad enough guys why make shit up?) . . . So what is it anyway? yeah or nay?

Personally? I sense there’s a bad moon rising . . . but who knows for sure? We all read and watch the same stuff and draw our conclusions from it, mostly according to our perceptions and fears. When it comes to crystal balling the fall of the House of America I gotta honestly say I don’t know . . . and I doubt few of the media’s talking heads do either.

So, given all that, what DO I know? And what is best for me and my family when it comes to living in this country at this particular time in it’s history. That’s all that counts in the long run. How am I going to cope with whatever happens?

I have already written in this blog about survival and how I intend on doing it, and am already in the position I think is best for me and mine. Now, for us, it’s just a matter of chilling out and waiting to see which way the wind blows.

In her 1969 book, On Death and Dying, Swiss-born psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross outlined the five stages of grief of someone who is dying:

1. Denial and isolation:
This is not happening to me. No way! I am not even going there! Everything is going to be all right. It’s just natural. Just a glitch. All I need is a good doctor . . . or a good president . . . or a good growing season . . . or good grades . . . or a good joint . . . we will all come out of this stronger.

2. Anger: F-ck it! I’m not going to sit back and take it. How dare God do this to us. I don’t deserve it . . . we don’t deserve it. I’m pissed! Let’s revolt! Demonstrate! Occupy! . . . It’s the greedy, mfers on Wall Street/banks/Congress who are doing it to us! It’s Monsanto and the corporations who poison us! . . . it’s . . . it’s . . . (one finger points out, while three point back) . . .

3. Bargaining: Ok look. maybe I/we got out of line a little bit. Dear God or Holy Mother of Mary . . . HELP! I’ll give up smoking. I’ll eat the right food. We’ll pass better laws, come back to church and make room for you in our nation’s life. . . . Come on Man! Give me/us another chance. I’m thinking positive about this because I BELIEVE!! Believe! believe. . . . . . . HEY! Anybody out there?

4. Depression: Woe is we, nothing seems to be working . . . where’s the promised change? . . . Oh, dear, it’s not coming! Oh shit . . . we are so screwed . . . doom on us . . . .

5. Acceptance: Ok I quit. We lolly gagged into the ambush . . . now it’s too late. . . . fu-k it everything dies sooner or later anyways . . .

When it comes to this country, when it comes to the health of the oceans, when it comes to the health of our natural environment as well as ourselves we are all dancing somewhere on the above five stages of death.

I believe it is time to quit living in the mirage of ‘the American Dream’ and begin to peer into the reality of what lies before us. . . as well as the reality that lies within us. (stay tuned)


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