The number one requirement for any kind of survival is to have control of our mind. Without that we might as well just go out and jump off a cliff. We will save ourselves a whole lot of hard work because we’re not going to be successful anyhow.

So let’s discuss mind a bit. I have an idea concerning mind that works quite well for me, I’ll share it with you knowing full well that ultimately we must use our own facilities of reason and creativity if we have any hope of understanding mind. We can listen to others, we can be of one mind with others, but the final decision before we act must always be our own.

Some people argue that the brain created the mind. Some people argue that the mind created the brain. It all depends on how we look at it and how we were taught, but I go decidedly with the latter. Before the brain there existed the mind.

The American Indian called this mind the Great Mystery. The various religions of today call it some version of the word God. Though I take the American Indians explanation, it’s all the same thing, and after about forty years of reading and studying the works of others concerning it, I am of the persuasion that few really know what the hell they are talking about anyways.

The one thing I know is that everybody from the car salesman to the prophet of God is in the act of attempting to steal our mind. What’s the purpose of any advertisement? To steal our mind. What’s the purpose of government spin? To steal our mind. What’s the purpose of religious doctrine? To steal our mind. What’s the purpose of anyone who tries to convince us of practically anything? To steal our mind.

What is seemingly the greatest joy of most people on this planet? To give it up to them.

It is a troublesome and huge pain in the ass to have to reason within ourselves and to make our own decisions. It’s also quite frightening to realize we and we alone will be held responsible for any decisions we do make. And to make it all worse yet, most people in the real world believe themselves inadequate to do the job of policing their own mind anyways.

Fearing our own creative capability we most humbly take the advice of others and many times find ourselves on a path to nowhere pissing and moaning all the way over the edge of a cliff.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We are powerful spiritual beings in possession of the greatest tool the Mystery/God has for us . . . our own mind. We must not be afraid of it. We must learn to use it. It’s our greatest weapon.

But like all powerful weapons we must be careful how we use it. There are rules. Break them and the price we must pay is very heavy. Follow them and the joy they bring us is beyond measure, in this world and beyond.

A simple explanation for all this would be: The first time we do something evil our conscience throws up a red flag, STOP! . . . we do it anyways.

The next time we do the same thing our conscience throws up a red flag, but not quite as high, “stop!”. . . we do it anyways.

The next time, lower still, “stop.” . . . we do it anyways.

The next time . . . “nothing”. FINALLY! We can do it with impunity. Our conscience, now compromised, has finally stopped bothering us.

It doesn’t give up though, conscience takes another route called Karma and we have in essence, just created a whole lot of hurt for ourselves. The good news is that the effects of Karma go both ways. And the GREAT news is that once we decide to use our own mind we soon begin to realize this. By realizing this, we will also realize just how powerful we actually are. We will see ourselves as creators in our own right.

We have the power to create our future by the thoughts and actions we take today. Misery or joy? Our choice.

It’s not just a nice thing to feed the hungry, or help out the old lady down the street, or have compassion on those without by sharing what we have with them. It’s not about just getting a bunch of bullshit accolades from the church we attend or our name in gold on the pew.

It’s about EVERYTHING we are and EVERYTHING we will ever become. It’s all about US and how we use our own mind to create either harmony or discord in the world around us.

So as we read the signs of the times and begin to fear the results of losing our “stuff” . . . we must also realize that this may just be the beginning to the first time in our lives we will be fully alive.



  1. thoughtfullyprepping

    The mind is a power house yet without training it has nothing to fall back on when you ask it to function out of the “norm”.
    Consider most minds stall when an adrenaline rush of panic hits.
    Trust in yourself by all means but by intensive training a set of reactions into you for a set of given situations (i.e. taking fire, DUCK behind cover), you could ultimately save your life.


  2. jjwalters

    that’s right . . . I love everybody, but have been training my martial arts posture for over 50 years . . . speak softly but carry a big stick . . . 🙂


  3. thoughtfullyprepping

    My times two big sticks are aluminum, 38 1/2 ” long.
    I’ve been training for some time with them and they have been used in “anger” VERY effectively.
    When startled it’s instinctive to go into on guard now. This has got me in trouble too. Still (as the policeman was told) next time you won’t be in so much of a hurry to grab a disabled persons shoulder. He wasn’t exactly smiling as he gently backed away from the stick tip 2″ from his throat. Pure instinct.


  4. Noony

    “…it’s all the same thing.” I find that when people say this to me, what they really mean is “what you believe is actually what I believe, and that is the creationist-One-Powerful-Being theory of the universe.” But never the other way around (“it’s all the same, no caveats, period”). I’m not being critical at all – believe me, I have no animosity towards any religion or way of life. In any case, I agree with the points made in this post.


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