Let’s Get Practical

Our oceans are dying. Our earth and air is polluted. Our food is being poisoned. Mass media heralds one killer storm, earthquake, tsunami, forest fire, flood, famine after another. . .

I am beginning to wonder, are the American Indians correct when they say we European invaders are so stupid that we are doing all this to ourselves? What the hell is going on anyways? Has our earth mother finally had enough of us? Are we about to be evicted?

I started this blog with a theme of ‘change’ based upon the song by John Lennon called ‘Imagine’. I believe in that song. I believe in the brotherhood of man as well as a day when all that John imagined will come to pass.

I also believe that the coming dark age may just become the motivating influence to get us there. Otherwise, in our present state, we would play these religious games we love to play forever with no change in direction. . . . First we need to survive the storm.

This survival I’m talking about has little to do with the “survivalist” movement going on in this country as I write this. I am not going to focus on stocking guns and ammo, nor is this going to be an ultimate guide to killing my neighbor. To the contrary it is all about getting re-acquainted with my neighbor, and the two of us learning to survive this thing together.

It’s coming folks, to what degree, and in what manner is up for debate, but everybody I know has a sense of foreboding. I know I do. It’s time to get practical.

The Practical Way

Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, and Lieh Tzu were walking together along a forested path one day when they came upon a fast flowing river that barred their way.

Immediately Lieh Tzu sat down on the bank of the river and meditated upon the eternal Tao. Ten minutes later he stood up and proceeded to walk on the water to the other side.

Next, Chuang Tzu sat in the lotus posture for twenty minutes, whereupon he stood up and also walked across the river.

Lao Tzu, watching this in amazement, shrugged his shoulders, sat down on the river bank like the others and meditated for over an hour. Finally, with complete trust in the Tao, he closed his eyes, took one step into the river, and fell in up to his chest.

On the other shore, Chuang Tzu laughed, turned to Lieh Tzu and asked, “Should we tell him where the rocks are?”

Tao does not believe in any nonsense. It is very pragmatic, practical, and down to earth.

author unknown



  1. Sharon Brooks

    Welcome to the New World-

    The state of the world is a reflection of what each of us bring to it. Sedate in our lives, reflecting very little on what we give, caring more about what we receive, has been the norm for far too long.

    Occupying many hearts moment to moment, hour by hour, are movies played at the theater, shows on television, commercials, music, books, idle conversation, internet; excessiveness of cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sex, cell phones, vanity too. War and rumors of it between countries, walls put up between friends, family members and neighbors. When what we fill our hearts with all day long lacks in nourishment, its harmful to our sense of well being; the worlds sense of well being, bringing division rather than unity.
    Do we ever wonder why we tend to overlook our own shortcomings more easily than an others, or why I feel my religion or the color of my skin is better. The peace so many claim to desire, that eludes the world to this day, has to start in our own hearts and families first, before it can find its way into the world. If we want change, we have to be it, by putting ourselves above no one.

    Each day I’m choosing which friend will lead my thoughts, words and deeds. Their names are Virtues and Non Virtues. I’ve become so use to blaming others for the things that come up in my life, never occurring to me, I create the world I live in and see.

    When caring more about what I give, rather than what I receive…patience, understanding, honesty, forgiveness and respect follow. And I’m left with a sense of well being that no amount of money can buy. Thankful is a heart that feels his brothers.

    In giving from the senses of the body, there is no unity, for what I gave was from a place of craving, desire and addiction; there was no us…only me.

    There are many words, in many books, offering us tools for living a more peaceful life. But to only collect them and not use them does no good. Until they have real meaning, through experience, they are only words.

    We have become a people of wanting fast results, big pay offs, with little effort. Forgotten are the words, ‘ That which is worth having is worth working for.’
    Complaining, worrying about the state of the world, our lives, the loneliness we feel inside, and yet we go right on doing the same things we do. With the slightest of effort, we could realize its the things we do, that brings the things it does. Our thoughts, words and deeds are very powerful, constantly creating the world we live in within our hearts and the world we see…with them.

    Now is the time to focus our attention on the work we need to do in our own heart, and to understand, living a more virtuous life brings inner peace, and a sense of well being, which in turn touches all those we come in contact with.

    The state of the world is a reflection of us…not them. Us as a whole, and what each of us brings to it. Coming together with one mind, and one heart, is the realization…we all matter. And through our thoughts, words and deeds, we show it.

    Only when I make choices that unite rather than divide, will peace live in my heart…and the world. One by one…little by little, the molehill becomes a mountain.

    Throwing a wrench into old ways of thinking…A Revival of the Heart. * smiles*


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