Can We Handle The Truth? (part 1)

Seems all I hear these days is folks arguing about the government. Usually the argument ends in a finger pointing diatribe about the other guys and how stupid they are.

If only THEY could see the light as we do everything would change. The evil doers would be reigned in, and this great republic would fullfill the commission placed upon it by our forefathers when they designed the country.

The Constitution those men wrote up for the United States of America was good. If properly instituted it would have been excellent, but sadly, putting words to action proved far more difficult than writing them. Truth be known, the state of the union could hardly be worse then it is today.

Today the United States of America, regardless of initual intent, is a far cry from what John Hancock was probably thinking when he grabbed that pen and put his life on the line just by signing it. We can call ourselves anything we like. A democratic republic of the people, by the people, and for the people sounds pretty good . . . but in all reality this country has probably never been a true democracy, and if it was it sure isn’t today.

Today our government is a democracy in name only. In practice we are a perverted mixture of national socialism and fascism that many would call corporatism.

We the workers man their factories. We make the stuff they tell us we need using the wages they paid us for making it. This is all nice and cozy . . . as long as everybody follows the rules.

We all know the capitalist lives and breathes profit. That’s fine as long as he provides us with an honest share of that profit. When that happens all gears mesh and the economy keeps on chugging, but in all reality, corporatism works only as long as jobs are plentiful and the owners don’t succumb to greed.

We the people have been conned by a very good PR campaign into believing that we, on our own, actually have something to say about how this government runs . . . we don’t.

We like to think we have a vote that counts in choosing a leader, and that once elected they are going to work for us. That is a pipe dream . . . they won’t.

Today no man can even run for government office unless the corporation backs him. It’s a moneyed game and they have the money. That means it is rigged folks. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Talk of armed revolution is stupid. The worst thing that can happen to a country usually happens after the armed revolution succeeds. We don’t want to destroy the corporation, nor do we want to bring down the government. Our system works fine when all the gears are in alignment. We need to see that those gears are realigned.

Does anybody remember the great union movement of the thirties when men actually shoved their heels into the turf and told the corporation, “Enough of the bullshit, we ain’t gonna take it anymore!?” Maybe it’s time for a rerun.

Those men, mostly uneducated, mostly dirt poor, some even afraid, knew their enemy far better than we know ours. They sang their protest songs, they took their beatings, they stood together . . . and ultimately they prevailed.

The movement grew fast and became so powerful that at the height of it’s rein, it had the corporation shaking in it’s boots at the first sign of a walk out . . . It’s time to walk out on corporate owned Washington.

Why are we willing to look the other way while the Washington/Corporation cartel robs us? Why are we willing to bail them out when they get caught with their greedy hands in the cookie jar?

We say, “Oh the corporation is too big to fail, we must bail them out.” If that was not a good enough sign for us to see that democracy, if there ever was such a thing, is dead, nothing will. In a capitalist democracy the corporations would have been ALLOWED to fail.

Why are we willing to fight for the corporation? Why do we sacrifice our children’s lives in these profiteering wars? What does the corporation sacrifice? NOTHING . . . war is very profitable for the corporation. What do we the people get? . . . free body bags for our kids.

The impotence and ignorance of the people in this country today is pathetic. Where are the Woody Guthrie’s of this generation? Where are the people willing to take a stand against the robber baron and his hacks in Washington and tell them to “fuck off, you don’t get no bailout and you sure as all hell ain’t getting my kid!?” Nowhere I can see.

I think we have probably gone too far out of balance to even imagine that a good union movement is all that is needed these days to right the ship of state and get it back on course. That ship is sinking . . . but that doesn’t mean we have to just sit in our lazy boy and go down with it.

There are options. We can simply stop participating and move in a different direction for starters. There are a whole lot of people working on that scenario right now. In part 2 we will go deeper into discussing our way, legally and on a personal level, out of the mess.

end part 1



  1. julienmatei

    “Where are the people willing to take a stand against the robber baron and his hacks in Washington and tell them to “fuck off, you don’t get no bailout and you sure as all hell ain’t getting my kid!?” Nowhere I can see.”

    Nowhwe I can see it either. I don´t live in America… – sadly, what you highlight happens everywhere in Europe as well:
    Nobody is willing to take a stand against the robber baron and his hacks, even if everybody is aware of the ongoing stealth…

    I wrote earlier today that It is simply horrendous to witness how people of today totally uncritically conform to the ubiquitously conning, as being the only norm to follow. They relinquish their will, their dignity, their yearning – they are not interested in the least in their own life…People voluntarily give away their right to choose something different…

    How they can do that, surpasses my comprehension.

    As you say, the ship is sinking. Nobody wants to admit this.

    How can modern man be so demented as to see this but pretend it´s not happening…?


  2. thoughtfullyprepping

    Being diplomatic, you’re wrong.
    People want things to change, it’s just the system (i.e. the money) doesn’t.
    Until the money collapses and we get back to a simple way of dealing with life nothing can change.
    It’s not the sheeple’s fault for the mess everyone is in.
    Politics, money, and religion if you want to be picky.


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