If a true and lasting change must begin from within then what must we do to be changed? Do we find a Bodhi tree to sit under and meditate like the Buddha until it happens? Should we enroll in divinity school? Learn the proper incantations and rituals? What? We want to change, we’re ready to go, but we need some direction.

When I was a Christian I heard a lot about being born again. What does it mean to be born again? Does it mean to worship Jesus as savior of the world, get baptized, follow church doctrine, and do what the elders and self professed prophets tell you?

Jesus may have been our teacher . . . or the Buddha . . . or Mohammad . . . or Moses . . . or the Hindu Veda . . . but isn’t the goal of any good teacher to teach? Doesn’t their greatest joy come from watching us activate what they taught us?

So what good does it do us to merely sit at teacher’s feet and worship him? Are we not playing the pawn in the game of religion, when we were born to be the King?

The process to being born again, enlightened, awakened, all mean pretty much the same thing. It appears to us individually and in various degrees.

It began for me when I started to realize that this entire planet is a teaching tool for us, that we are NOT a body containing a spirit . . . but we ARE a spirit in possession of a body. Our goal in life is to learn. Mostly through experience and the process of trial and error. The only boundaries we have in this process are the ones we have placed upon ourselves.

Once awakened and we begin to realize our full potential, the trappings of this world lose their flavor as they are replaced by the desire for growth. We also realize this awakening is only the beginning of a very long journey, one that we are now excited to begin.

The pathway to enlightenment has no magic, nor any short cuts. It’s a tough and grueling climb, but the view from the top of the mountain will have been worth it once we realize the truth that we have only been an individual in the flesh. That in the spiritual reality, not only are we our brothers keeper, but we are Spirit one and the same and always have been.


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