What is truth? My answer would be that . . . personal experience is the only truth and everything else is hearsay . . . but is that thought even true to anyone except me? We can argue till the cows come home and in the end it’s just my perception of truth.

So, I’m wondering if there is really ‘truth’ in this whole existence . . . and wondering that, I’m also wondering why everybody is so adamant and willing to kill about stuff that is usually unknowable in the first place.

Why would I take offense to the nonacceptance of my perceived version of truth anyways? I could be wrong. Besides, a person’s opinion is important to me.

On the flip side, people who argue using quotes from their favorite leader irritate me. I am not interested in someone else’s perception, only theirs. To me, it’s like they feel weak and need a backup or something.

There are no photo’s of my favorite guru on my meditation alter either, there is a small crystal ball, an acorn, and a bible.

In the crystal I see my own image . . . in the acorn I see God’s image. . . and in the bible I see perception.



  1. waxnwings

    As you allude to, with “truth” being (for most) narrative constructs grown from the subjective interpretation of our personal and world experiences, I always find it incredible that so many people do not recognise and/or choose to develop awareness of the ultimate contingency of their arrival at such staunch beliefs and the consequences of these truths viewed as entirely malleable narratives. How could you possibly eschew/denigrate the invested “truths” which substantiate another person’s reality whilst militantly proclaiming the infallibility of your own? How can you mock/denigrate theist beliefs and blindly accept a-theistic ones? How can you wipe your ass with a piece of paper to clean it and find it grotesque when others wash theirs? (If I had human faeces on any other part of my body I would sure as hell wash it off).

    One of the many things on which you can often only sit back and wonder. And then realise that this is only your point of view…


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