Self Preservation

Self preservation is the #1 motivational instinct in all life forms, including us. We are born with the instinct, live our lives steeped in it, and we die fighting to stay alive. Only love (or perhaps hate) can override the survival instinct.

As far as I know ours is the only species lazy enough to expect someone else other than our self to help us survive. We look to leaders, governments, religious figures, magic . . . all sorts of stuff. Many times these “helpers” hinder more than help, so instead of looking for help outside of ourselves and expecting someone or something to care for us, how about we get smart, look within, and realize we have been given the personal task of caring for ourselves?

Loving Jesus while stuffing our fat face with Twinkies may help us in the afterlife, but it sure as all hell will do us no good when our arteries collapse and we choke to death for lack of oxygen. I don’t care how many prayer circles our wife belongs to, we did it to ourselves and we are gonna pay the price . . . period.

Why is it that the young are the only ones who take physical exercise seriously? Why is it us older folks would rather sit on our asses, drink beer and stare at the new flat screen TV when we reach the time in our life when we actually NEED to stay in shape?

When did life sit us down and tell us it was now OK to get fat and lazy anyways? If self preservation is our #1 instinct, don’t you think we ought to remember that in order to survive we MUST start living like we realize it?

This is hardly the time to lay our burden down and think because now that we are old, people are going to feel sorry for us and care for us. They won’t. Truth is that, in the real world, people are too busy caring for themselves.

We’re (most of us) on our own brother, we better quit whining and complaining about our illnesses and get with the program because the next time we go shuffling through the Walmart parking lot we may be setting our self up for a painful, heart felt reality check. Time to get back in the game.

Forget the teeth whitenings, the hair pieces, the manicures and the face lifts. Get healthy, balanced, and proud. . . . you’ll be pretty as you can be.


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