All change must first begin by imagining the change in our mind. Then the work of bringing it into the physical realm begins. The daydream one day becomes a reality.

Many times the first action we must take is to free our mind from all preconceptions and start over because most of what has been taught us up to that point has proven itself to be bullshit. We begin to realize that over and over again we have been manipulated and trained by forces outside of ourselves.

Mostly because of tradition or just plain laziness, we bought into the party line and never allowed ourselves to take a deeper look. We never reached within where the fulness of our potential lies. We just went along to get along. 

That no longer works for us. It’s time to wake up.

I first heard John Lennon sing ‘Imagine’ way back in the sixties. Now that I am 71 years old and exhausted from running on societies rat wheel, the words to that song are taking on new meaning. I’m beginning to see the depth built into that rather simple ballad and realize what a visionary John actually was.

John Lennon may some day be forgotten, but the words to that song will resonate forever within the minds of men who are not satisfied with the status quo and feel the tug of evolution upon their soul.

Following are John Lennon’s words to the song, ‘Imagine’ and my interpretation of what they mean to me. I can think of no better way to start this blog then this. . . . Imagine.



  1. Nat Cowdell

    It’s not easy escaping the matrix, but my eyes are wide open now! And even though I see so much ugliness in the world, there is also so much beauty still remaining – a potential paradise for us all.


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