Imagine no possessions (third verse)

Janice Joplin sang, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” . . . What would we do if we lost all our possessions? How could we be happy? How could we show others our personal value? What if we were forced to drive an old car, or wear Goodwill clothes, or eat simple foods and live in a small common looking house?

What could be worse than becoming a nondescript nobody of a human being in a country that judges it’s citizenry by the ‘stuff’ they possess. A country where the guy with the most toys, or the gal with the largest closet full of shoes, is considered a winner, and the rest? . . . well the little people are just losers, of course.

What if the bubble broke completely and we ended up down and out on Skid Row sleeping under a bridge? Wow man, that would put a wrinkle in our thousand dollar suit wouldn’t it? What could be worse than that?

Well, actually a lot of things. What if those possessions you worship have become your prison? A tight, white walled bubble that keeps you separated from the rest of humanity and the simple joys of life? What if you have so many things that you have become prideful, and arrogant, and self serving towards anyone beneath you?

If that was the case perhaps it would actually be a blessing for you to loose everything. Then you could start over and this time you may take a different tack and not waste your entire life acquiring things of little long term meaning and begin to learn life lessons that do. Love, mercy, grace, and empathy come to mind.

Of course it is not impossible for a rich man to experience these human attributes, and many do, but I can imagine it would be far more difficult. Self righteousness stuff lust is a beast . . . it completely removes you from reality and puts a good screwing to your priorities.

There was a time during the hippie days when all I had was a bicycle and an old army duffel bag full of clothes. I was in a strange city with little money and on my own. Because of the circumstance I instinctively knew I needed help or I was gonna get really hungry and cold. That help came by the buckets full from the human beings around me who found themselves in the same position I was in. We needed each other. We helped each other. It was a new and vibrant way to live.

Looking back, those days of having so little were the greatest and most exciting times I have had since. Who needed stuff when we had each other? You needed something you borrowed it.

In today’s world of mass greed, this country is dying of over consumption. Our many toys have made us uncaring and self serving gluttons, but we don’t see it. . . . We just want more.

Even though our bellies are fat and our asses flat, we continue this mad dash down the isle of consumerism pushing a cart before us . . . where are we going anyways? Boy, Dylan was right, the times they are a changin, . . . he just got his directions messed up.

What would happen if, instead of losing all our stuff in some calamitous event (it’s coming!), we willingly gave everything we had in excess away to those in need? . . . “What?! Are you kidding me! That’s MY stuff, I earned it! Get out of here you . . .”

As the story goes the Buddha did just that . . . as did Jesus Christ and many others. . . and by doing so they gained the whole world.

Were these men specially made super beings? I don’t think so. Actually, I believe only Jesus was given that distinction, and well . . . who really knows?

I see this idea having far more power if accomplished by a normal person anyways. A person possessing all the frailties of the common man. That thought gives me hope to believe we ALL have the power within ourselves to do such a thing.

Why not join the hundreds of thousands of those of us who are fed up with the status quo and want real change in this society as well as the world at large, not just more politically inspired bullshit coming from politically inspired bullshitters.

You might say we are dreamers
But we aren’t the only ones
Why don’t you come and join us
And the world can be as one . . . . why not?


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