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from the blog . . . http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/racing-toward-total-extinction/#comment-59602 . . .
WrenchMonkey says:

Every living thing changes the environment by simply existing. However, the changes caused by non-human beings develop and conspire in a way that maintains the balance between what is taken and what is returned.

Human civilisation doesn’t just change the environment, but destroys it utterly, sterilizes it. It takes everything and returns nothing.

In my humble opinion the Neolithic Revolution was a wrong turn on a one way street to extinction. Prior to that colossal evolutionary blunder humans were foragers who practiced gathering and hunting in small groups.

The Paleolithic ended around 15,000 years ago and sometime shortly thereafter, in the early stages of the Neolithic Period, something happened that took the human species off the path of natural evolution.

Somewhere around 10,000 to as long as 13,000 years ago our ancestors started behaving oddly. They abandoned the way of Life that had allowed the primate family Hominidae, the hominids, which includes H. sapiens, to survive for some five million years.

Archaeological evidence from locations such as Gobekli Tepe, in southeastern Turkey, indicates that, at least eleven thousand years ago, Neolithic humans started building large structures, temples, places for ritualistic gatherings. At the same time, most significantly and most damning, we began to think of ourselves as separate from and superior to all other Life of Earth.

“Anthropologists have assumed that organized religion began as a way of salving the tensions that inevitably arose when hunter-gatherers settled down, became farmers, and developed large societies. Göbekli Tepe, to Schmidt’s way of thinking, suggests a reversal of that scenario: The construction of a massive temple by a group of foragers is evidence that organized religion could have come before the rise of agriculture and other aspects of civilization. It suggests that the human impulse to gather for sacred rituals arose as humans shifted from seeing themselves as part of the natural world to seeking mastery over it” (emphasis added). (source)

We were thus set upon the path of ecocide.

We allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed by pathological anthropocentricity. We built permanent settlements and began the drastic and destructive modification of the ecosystem. As a consequence there came the hierarchies needed to administer, govern and control rapidly growing populations. We became “civilised”.

We created exploitative consumer societies that exhausted the carrying capacities of their landbases. Settlements became villages, towns, cities, nations and empires, all of which inevitably consumed more than the land could provide.

When any given society or culture can no longer be sustained by its landbase, it must seek more resources elsewhere. This means taking them from the area outside its borders and that area is often already occupied by someone else. So we invented invasion, colonisation, occupation, wars of conquest and genocide.

We came to “believe” we had the unquestionable right to exploit everything and everyone in order to continue upon this new path. We developed a sense of entitlement and invented religions and then technologies to support it and today the cancer of civilisation has spread around the world.

The human race is in trouble. So is all Life on Earth. And we all spend our time arguing over how to treat the symptoms of the disease that is murdering the planet rather than trying to eliminate the disease itself.

A disease is not cured by putting band-aids on the symptoms. To be rid of the disease, the source must be eradicated. The source of the disease that’s killing our Mother is industrial civilisation. The end of civilisation as we know it is prerequisite to the continuation of human Life on Earth.

This is not to say that the human race must be destroyed. But, after many years in denial, during which time I clung desperately to a utopian illusion of a sustainable, enlightened, techno-industrial society, I have finally reached the conclusion that industrial civilisation must be brought to an end or the human species will effectively destroy itself and possibly all Life on Earth.

Acculturation to the compartmentalised nature of industrial civilisation makes it extremely difficult for its individual members to reach an understanding of its mortiferous nature. The forest cannot be seen for the trees as it were. People just don’t see the “big picture”. They are consumed with their own pet issues, their specialised functions and their own self-interest. They are incapable of taking a holistic viewpoint.

However, it should, by now, be getting a lot easier for people to see that this system cannot be “fixed”, that we can’t get things back to “normal”, that our “civilised” normal is the problem, not the solution.

That the extraction and consumption of non-renewable resources without restraint cannot go on forever should be self-evident to anyone. Yet this culture not only consumes non-renewables with reckless abandon but devours or destroys renewables, like land, trees, food, air and water, at a rate far surpassing that of their recovery. Any culture or species that depends for its very existence upon such a system cannot endure.

What is the big picture?

Industrial civilisation is unsustainable and irredeemable. Its members, both rulers and ruled, will not voluntarily enact the changes needed to transform it to a culture that is rational, sustainable and natural. Therefore, it will collapse.

Civilisation will collapse in due course without any extra “help” or it could be dismantled voluntarily, logically and rationally with the aim of making the transition as painless as possible.

The human species, if it is to survive, must return to the natural world, find its proper place there and accept it with humility.

Just my opinion


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