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george-carlin-on-teaching-your-children-to-question-everythingThe current political scene has me wondering if there are any free thinkers left in this country. My belief is that the conformist viewpoint has become a virus in our once open and questioning society and we are much the worse for it. Political correctness and fear of questioning the status quo has created a nation of obedient sheeple who have forgotten how to stand alone upon their beliefs and think for themselves. 

As of today (memorial day 2016) we are taking a new twist and dedicating this blog to the art of ‘free thought’. . . not just in the religious or political sense, but across the entire gamut of human intelligence.

My plan is to open the Sound Off page to contributing writers. If you want to join us let me know. The only rule is to be serious, use your own critical thought and, because your writing will also be posted on Facebook and Twitter, please keep cursing to a minimum.




The Bullying of US Militarism Pervades the Entire Society — Rise Up Times

Both the military and its allies in the armaments industries have a strong stake in promoting a violent bullying culture where weapons are a norm.

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‘Zero Point Energy’ The Alien Technology that will change EVERYTHING — EWAO

Zero Point Energy could help us reach interstellar space in no time. According to a batch of recently published emails between John Podesta and Former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, This ALIEN technology could be at our fingertips. But are we ready for it? While only recently have we given this ‘alien’ tech its proper attention,…

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Rape Culture Awareness



Alexandria Codispoti

We live in a rape culture. What took place three years ago in Steubenville, Ohio is a prime example of what rape culture actually is.

A teenage girl was at a house party in which she was drunk to the point of unconsciousness. Two football players took advantage of her vulnerable state and non-consensually performed sexual acts on her. Not only did they rape her, but they dragged her naked body from party to party and urinated on her.

While all of this was going on, other football players and friends took the liberty of uploading pictures and videos to social media depicting the unspeakable acts that were occurring.

The case became headline news only because the town cried for the justice of the football players who were encouraged to delete evidence and anything else that could be incriminating towards them. The girl was also viciously attacked online and blamed for the rape because of her drunken state.

There were many witnesses to what happened that night, but instead of stepping in to save the girl or call the police they took videos and laughed about it. The Steubenville case is only one of the many rape cases out there proving that we live in a society where rape is acceptable and justifiable.

According to a study done by the University of North Dakota, one in three men would rape if they knew they could get away with it. 73 men were surveyed, and 31.7% of these men did not associate forcible sex with rape. They made disconcerting comments saying that forcing a woman to have sex with them was completely different than rape.

What does that say about society? Are we raising a generation of ignorance where men are actually led to believe that rape is acceptable, as long as he doesn’t consider it ‘rape’?

In general, we don’t hold men accountable for their actions. Instead during rape cases we say, “She must have been provoking him” or “What was she wearing?” as if to say “Was she asking for it?” “Did she deserve to be raped because of her outfit?”

What we should be asking is “What made him think this was acceptable?” Countless rape cases have been acquitted due to the thought that it was the victim’s fault.

Just a few months ago at Stanford University, Brock Turner raped an unconscious woman outside of a fraternity house behind a dumpster. He was sentenced to a short sixth months in jail, and released after only three months. Like the Steubenville boys, Brock was protected because of his social status and athletic potential. Ninety seven percent of  rapists will never spend a night in jail (Marshall University).

Rape is never the victim’s fault, no matter what their actions were beforehand. We need to put blame where it is due instead of making excuses for the perpetrators. Through billboards, magazines, music videos and the thousands of advertisements that we are bombarded with every day, women are depicted as sexual objects. When we see this, we are led to believe that women are not only inferior to men, but only exist to provide sexual gratification for them.

When we believe that women only exist for the pleasure of men, they are seen as objects, not as human beings. As she is objectified, she is dehumanized, which is another leading cause of rape because you have feelings for the “object” rather than a human being. As a society, we are constantly dehumanizing everything about women except the idealized body.

There are many things that we need to do to combat rape culture. Instead of teaching women how to defend themselves from rape, we need to teach men not to rape. We need to teach them that rape is never okay or acceptable and that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Hypermasculinity, is a societal problem that requires more attention. From a young age, men are programmed to be aggressive and dominant. Young boys learn that they need to be big, strong and powerful to be considered ‘manly’. They are taught that physical conquest is the most important thing and they need to dominate and overpower things.

With this thought  in mind, men like to overpower women with rape, which is one of it’s leading causes. Research shows that most rapes are exercises of power or anger. We need to teach men that it’s okay not to be hyper-masculine and aggressive and that they don’t have to live up to the “manly” stereotypes.

Not to be gender-biased, but 93% of rapists are male (Everyday Feminism), but men get raped too. We need to take men more seriously when they come out with their stories, because as of right now, we think that they can handle it because they are a “man”. This is completely false, and rape is just as serious of a problem for men as it is for women.

“Rape culture only exists because we don’t believe it does” (Women’s Center) Instead of taking steps to solve this issue, we make excuses and deny one of the most prevalent issues in our society. If we really want to address pertinent social issues, we have to take steps to lessen the stranglehold that rape culture has on us. We are the reason that rape culture still exists, therefore we can all do something to positively change it.


Break The Matrix

Collective Evolution

If Bernie had realized the depth of the ‘cry to change’ his followers had, he would have never turned his back  on them and returned to the old ‘politics as usual routine’ that is filled with spin, self aggrandizement, bullshit, and downright lying. . . . . Bottom line is he never understood his own teachings.

What about you? Are you going to embrace politics as usual? Or are you going to . . . Embrace The Change . . .


Saving the Forest for the Trees

Lately I have spent a lot wasted time arguing over politics and the two party system’s choice of  represdalientation. Today I have decided not to vote for either one as I can hardly bear to sit here and watch the posturing and name calling coming from either direction.

I am an environmentalist first and foremost. I don’t need the clairvoyance of a prophet in order to see where we are going environmentally in this country with either party in the lead. I am calling for a pox on both parties.

We haven fallen into a rabbit hole to Hell . . . and are progressing quickly towards the destruction of all that we once held sacred. Greed and profit is the only motive of those in our control. It’s not about jobs and maintaining our life style . . . that’s all bullshit PR put out by the same guys who took your jobs away from you in their mass exit to leave the country.

HEY!! WAKE YOUR SORRY ASSES UP!!! They took THEIR industry and YOUR jobs overseas with them! Now they are lining up to destroy all that most of you have left . . . the natural environment surrounding you . . . it’s time to FIGHT BACK!

But, we can’t win this war using the weapons of their choosing. Guns and grenades are the tools of the oppressor, the stuff they train our kids to use in order to fight their bullshit wars . . . . all you have to do is wake up and shake the mind control dust out of your brains and out of your eyes . . . and just say . . . NO!!!

You want to be a hero?  A patriot? Something special? Forget the military propaganda and take up the cause of fighting for our environment and the indigenous tribes who are being shoved even further into a corner. God didn’t give you this country like the religious numb nuts tell you . . . YOUR ancestors took it! They killed a zillion Native Americans and they TOOK it away from them because they had the firepower and could do it.

Of course that is all in our past now and there is only only one thing left for us to do that may actually help them, as well as ourselves . . . we can help them in their battle to save the environment they hold sacred. You can start here. (below)

Alaska’s Tongass National Forest is home to centuries-old trees and rivers flowing among thousands of islands. It is also the last forest where the fight continues to keep timber sales out of roadless areas.

Source: Saving the Forest for the Trees

I Saw A UFO!

Ocean Isle Beach North Carolina, July 2016:

My daughter and I were out at night sitting on the beach observing the beauty of a full moon. Suddenly to the right of the moon at about 5:00 there appeared in the brightly lit sky three large orange orbs side by side. They sat there for a moment or two and kinda moved back and forth a bit before one blinked out . . . then another . . . then the other. One came back on and discharged a whole bunch (maybe 20) of smaller, white starry like dots which proceeded to dance around and slowly move off heading for Florida. The two of us sat there mesmerized by what just took place.

The following night I took my camera and stayed out quite a while staring into the star studded sky until then, in a flash, two of the larger craft appeared, slowly drifted a moment and then zipped south. When I say zipped, I mean they took off faster than a rocket. The following night I saw a couple more that appeared and blinked away quite fast, but a friend saw another one soon thereafter.

Upon telling my experience I noticed such a ho hum attitude that I just quit talking about the experience. Even though, (to all you brain dead people out there) these sightings that so many of us are experiencing are a game changer that reaches into the highest levels of religion, politics, philosophy, and consciousness. It’s fun to make fun I know, but this is serious shit IMO.

I don’t feel it’s so scary as it is interesting and maybe, just maybe these people, whoever they are, may be able to teach us something that will save us from destroying ourselves. . . . as is, beings as we are in such sad shape that we can only think of defending ourselves from them (as if we actually could) . . . these star people are my last hope.



“Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. They are variously referred to as Visitors, Others, Star People, Et’s, etc…They are visiting Earth now; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking. – Theodor C. Loder III, Phd, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire (source)…

via 3 Kinds Of The Most Commonly Reported Extraterrestrials According To Abductees, Contactees & Experiencers — Collective Evolution

Smart Plants . . . Or Humans Just Too Dumb To Realize It?

Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out. It’s made of fungi… It’s an information superhighway that speeds up interactions between a large, diverse population of individuals. It allows individuals who may be widely separated to communicate and help each other out. But it also…

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