Free Thinking

george-carlin-on-teaching-your-children-to-question-everythingThe current political scene has me wondering if there are any free thinkers left in this country. My belief is that the conformist viewpoint has become a virus in our once open and questioning society and we are much the worse for it. Political correctness and fear of questioning the status quo has created a nation of obedient sheeple who have forgotten how to stand alone upon their beliefs and think for themselves. 

As of today (memorial day 2016) we are taking a new twist and dedicating this blog to the art of ‘free thought’. . . not just in the religious or political sense, but across the entire gamut of human intelligence.




by Christopher Chase: What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. – Richard Bach, Illusions We are living now during one of the most important time periods in human history. As Joanna Macy has described, our global species is at a turning point, the actions and decisions we take collectively over the next few decades will determine…

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Mothers Little Helper

by Ralph Metzner: My friend George D. told me about the deeply transformative experience his aged, raging and demented mother had in the last months of her life… after he gave her a single dose of MDMA. Neither George nor I would normally ever condone giving someone a dose of this (or any) medicine without…

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

In the search for enlightening information, here is an awesome list of expansive documentaries from a few different websites. 1. Home (2009) 2. Thrive (2011) 3. Paradise or Oblivion (2012) 4. Love, Reality and the Time of Transition (2011) 5. Earthlings (2005) 6. Everything You Know Is Wrong (2000) 7. Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth 8. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011) 9. The Collective Evolution…

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Cannabis And Sleep

Researchers are now trying to understand how cannabis affects your brain during sleep in order to take care of affections such as deep sleep deprivation and insomnia. Now more than ever, people display a deeper sense of awareness by making choices that cross the mental barriers imposed by the propaganda of last decades. Cannabis was…

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Independence Day


Today is July 4 – Independence Day  – A holiday time for fireworks, hot dogs and family fun. A day to celebrate our country’s freedom and independence from England . . . but today, in the real world, that bell has a decidedly hollow ring to it. I know there are quite a few who believe that we are still free and independent, and in a way I feel envious of them, but in my opinion the evidence on the ground proves otherwise.

 Of course we all know freedom and independence must be balanced by the rule of law and varies from time to time in a nation’s evolution. Balance is necessary, or else we would have chaos in the streets, but since at least 911 I find the freedom bell no longer ringing quite as loud as it once did . . . and in my opinion, it’s out of balance and getting dimmer by the day.

 I sometimes attempt to find out why, but in a country that lives on spin and downright lies it’s damn near impossible to know the real reason for anything anymore. Are we really so afraid of a ragtag group of terrorists to the point that we are willing to give up all the hard fought for freedoms that we once enjoyed in this country? Take a look around, free yourself from political correctness, party affiliation, and religious prejudice. Open your eyes. What do you see?

 Here’s what I see going on since the towers fell.  Actually since the Kennedy assassination forward, but . . .

 I won’t openly place blame anywhere as to who, what, where, when and why the three buildings fell. I will say that regardless as to whether elements of this government had anything to do with the downing, they most certainly have used the occasion to promote an agenda based on tightening their grasp on ‘we the people’ at home and hegemony abroad.

 The corporate/banking state has raised it’s ugly head over Washington full view in a silent coup that most are still blinded to. As we lock ourselves in media entertainment and political bullshit, one freedom after another collapses before us.

 Today is freedom and independence day. This year we are going to elect a new president. We will all line up and cast our vote believing we are doing our patriotic duty. (and even judge those who don’t) We will vote for one of the two clowns running for the office and pat ourselves on the back for doing so . . . . Hillary, the chosen spokesperson for the ‘corporate/banking/wall street’ party. Trump, the wealthy, thin skinned flamboyant snake oil salesman running for the ‘inflated ego’ party.

 Oh boy! Are you telling me that in a nation filled with intelligent, caring and self sacrificing individuals that this is the best we can do? Have fun kiddies, I ain’t voting, nor am I believing any of the ‘fear factor on crack’ information coming down the pike from our so called media these days.

 Anybody who can think knows that for a terrorist movement to really get started in this country, our security forces would have to be asleep at the wheel. They don’t need to take away any of our freedoms in order to defend us. They don’t need to sneaky Pete through our emails and overly monitor our online presence. We don’t need to become a police state in order to protect ourselves.  More laws? How many laws does it take? We DO need to wake up to the realities on the ground and fucking DEAL with it.