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They found her!

But they can’t find that big modern jet liner that vanished in thin air as the whole world watched?

Finally the media speaks up . . .

Geoengineering AKA “Chemtrails” Should Be Included When Talking About Climate Change – Here’s Why | Collective-Evolution

This presentation is pretty much all inclusive and should be studied by everyone who wants to know about human eco-suicide . . .

Geoengineering AKA “Chemtrails” Should Be Included When Talking About Climate Change – Here’s Why | Collective-Evolution.

Geo-engineered Skies

If you don’t know what we are talking about . . . look up and research all this for yourselves.

As a followup I’m going to post a comment from a guy named Marc on the site There are many folks across the planet who are beginning to look up and realize that all is not well with the skies above our heads.

Marc says:
October 24, 2014 at 1:12 am
I am 61 years old. I have summited mountain peaks, rafted rivers, camped on bluffs, meditated in aspen groves high on mushrooms, come alive in the profound suchness of remote wild places, laid naked on granite boulders larger than my house, swum in northern California streams so frigid my skin turned blue.
All this and so much more. I love Mother Earth in the same way I love my own children: if my children are threatened, I will do ANYTHING to protect them.
I sense the time is fast approaching when all bets are off and we must do whatever it takes to stop this Geoengineering Apocalypse in order to protect our Mother. It cannot be accomplished sitting in front of a laptop. As author Tom Friedman so eloquently stated, it’s all a matter of scale. To really take a planet-saving bite out of carbon emissions will require coherent reductions orders of magnitude above and beyond what mankind could possibly implement because of the diffusion of resolve, the multiple governments involved, the corporate denial etc.
Will enough people coalesce around the Geoengineering issue to really cause a moratorium on all spraying before it’s too late? (which it probably already is) Without sounding hopeless, the convergence of threats to humanity, not the least of which is OURSELVES, present impossible odds for a bright future on Mother Earth. My grief is so palpable now as I contemplate Fukushima, species extinction, worldwide death spraying of toxic aerosols, human ignorance and evil, unstoppable greed, AND, corruption of the human heart.

Climate Modification

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. The many trees in my small valley have turned into their Fall colors and were shining in the brightness of the sun. The air was still. The sky was clear and colored the robins egg blue I remembered as a kid. It was truly a zipadee doo daa day.

I started my daily walking of the dogs by heading north down the lane between the tree covered hills towards the corn fields at the end of the valley. I felt really good as I shuffled along talking to the dogs . . . until I turned and looked up into the sky behind me where the sun was coming up.

I didn’t hear them coming. I didn’t see them at all. They were too high. All I saw was three long thin lines of silver smoke forming in the clear blue sky as they gushed from the invisible planes making their way across my valley . . . SHIT! they’re back.

As I stumbled around trying to get a picture, more appeared across the hill tops traveling in different directions. I knew from experience what was about to happen.

In no time at all the chemtrails began to spread apart and link up to color the entire sky silver gray . . . the same color I was used to seeing pretty much all summer. By late afternoon it was harder for my old lungs to breathe.

I have to say that this stuff is affecting me on a really deep, visceral level, nothing intellectual about it. I am ready for war if the enemy ever reveals himself.

I don’t know if anybody looks up from that spot two inches in front of their feet anymore or what . . . I mention chemtrails to anyone from my wife to the guy at the feed barn and all I get is that ho hum your nuts look that I am becoming quite used to seeing. Are you guys just too afraid of the possibilities? Do you actually believe the scientists doing this shit know what they are doing? Do you even notice the dead trees and vegetation and birds and bugs and . . . christ I could go on for a week.

If you are a tree hugger nothing in this world is as important as stopping these weather modification experiments like HAARP and ‘chemical aerosol spraying’ from aircraft. It will take a huge effort from a zillion concerned people across the planet to stop them, but even if we can’t I’d rather go down fighting than allow these sheep dips to destroy this planet with impunity.

Anyway I found this interview from an old timer rancher in NM on Dane’s site and it is an eye opener. The guys 89 years old and has lived in the NM mountains all his life as a cattle rancher . . . listen to it all, it will open your eyes.

Wake up dammit! . . .

Climate Modification Catastrophe, A First Hand Account.


You said that I betrayed you
I can’t tell you what that did.
Once again I’d been defeated
By my impulsive id.

So I languish here within my soul
I ache in grievous pain.
While I watch that scene before me play
Again – and again – – and again.

What could I do to break the curse
What could I do to change
That sorrow filled face
Held together by grace
What could I do? . . . please what could I do?

I have mood swings every day
That have nothing to do with you.
I say and do things
I wish I’d never do.
Cruel things
Mean things
Cloaked in colored garb.
A joke
A curse
A barb.

I have mood swings every day
What more can I say?

And the devil played a lively tune
And the wise man danced along
And the tune was sharp and sweet and funny
And it’s rhythm very strong.

But the devils tunes
They are not free
And the time will come to pay.
And unless the wise man wise’s up
it’s not so far away.

Bolivia Gives Legal Rights To The Earth | Earth. We are one.

This is just a start folks . . . I hope!

Bolivia Gives Legal Rights To The Earth | Earth. We are one..

Edgar Cayce

Carolina Chocolate Drops

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Introducing . . . the happy . . . lively . . . downbeat beautifully neat! . . . Carolina Chocolate Drops!! . . . . .


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I want to write a love poem . . . sweet and easy.
I want to find a way to say the golden things
The things with wings.
I want to mimic Gibran . . . and Rumi too
I want to write a love poem . . . I do I really do.

I sit at the break of day
When the hush of morn surrounds.
I think of all those loving things
where peace and love abounds.
A thought so strong it births a tear
Takes me back to a better year . . .


Across the hilltops flying high
Are cries from earth
And water
And sky.

ENOUGH! ENOUGH! . . . we say
IF you wish to live another day!


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